The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Drowned in pool, how to chech which part is broken

I've opened my Htc one m8 and now I would like to check which part is not working? Is there a way that I could check if lcd is ok? Or maybe motherboard, battery... Otherwise everything ok. No oxidation, but it is not working. Please help?

Thank you, regards,


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First thing you want to do is get the device disassembled and remove the battery. Next should clean the motherboard and other parts such as the cable connections. An ultrasonic cleaner is the best method for cleaning but if you do not have access to one or can't afford to have it cleaned professionally than you can use isopropyl alcohol and a small brush to clean the motherboard and other parts. Try to use the highest grade of isopropyl alcohol. 99% is best if you can find it. Also make sure to remove the shields on the motherboard to properly clean under them. There are a lot of guides to show you how to clean with isopropyl alcohol on YouTube as well as guides on this site. A proper cleaning will help keep corrosion from developing over time thus prolonging the life of the phone.

Once cleaned start by replacing the battery with a new one. I have done many HTC one water damage repairs and the battery is one of the first things that fail. With a new battery installed try reassembling the phone and try to power it on. If you get the phone to power on then things are looking good. If it powers on but won't display anything on screen then the display has likely shorted out which is also common on the HTC one. So a new screen should fix that issue. Test and replace parts as needed if you can get it to power on. A multimeter may be helpful to test some of the parts as well. HTC makes it pretty much impossible to get access to the motherboard schematics so it can be a challenge to chase down bad components on the motherboard unless there is obvious physical damage such as burn marks, ect.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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Hello BurnieG,

thank you for your post. As I said I've already disassembled it and everything looks like new. Battery shows 2,2V. So if battery is failed it should show some voltage? I would also like to know if there is some way to test if LCD is alive? Connect it to voltage (where and which voltage)? For me it is very risky to buy battery and LCD and then it will still not work. This trying will cost me around 100€.

Do you know maybe if there are no sparks marks on motherboard, do you think it is ok?

Thank you,


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If the batteries voltage is at only at 2.2v even after trying to charge it than it has been damaged. I know from experience as I had a m8 battery that got water damaged and would display a voltage of 2.85v but would not go any higher. I know the battery needs to be at at least 3.4-3.5v to even power on the phone. There is a small circuit board connected to the battery. The battery's ribbon cable is soldered to it. I know this is very easily shorted out when exposed to water. So I pretty much guarantee that you need a new battery. On a lot of the HTC ones I find more shorts in the actually ribbon cables for the display than on the motherboard. Check for any burn marks on the cables. If there is no visable damage to the motherboard it is probably fine. I do not know of a way to check the LCD without a working motherboard. I can't find any schematics to show what the pins on the display connection tie in with. I would install a new battery and if the LCD ribbon cable has a short it should get hot.

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How do I open aluminum housing where processors are? I actually have an option to use ultrasonic cleaner, because we have it in our company where we produce SMD varistors and capacitors. I've ordered new battery so I'll try. Thanks in advance

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The shield on the motherboard can be removed fairly easily. It appears to be soldered on but actually the sheild clips onto a bracket soldered to the motherboard. I usually use a fine point tool like an exacto knife (razor blade) or some fine point tweezers to pop the shield up off the bracket that is soldered to the motherboard. Once you get started move your way around the shield carefully prying it up until you have it fully removed. To put the shield back on after cleaning the motherboard, just line it up and press it down into place.

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One more question. As I already told you before I opened it I've send it to official service repair and they gave me an offer for 467€. In report they wrote that they should replace everything. They saw that water indicator was colored red. But when I opened it, there was really no signs that somebody opened it ever. So I conclude that if they found out that it was under water, they should replace everything.

One of the error was that back side of LCD peeled off. I do not know how should this error look like? Is it possible that I do not look from right perspective and not see that or this is just common error when in contact with water?

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