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Battery Loosing Full Charge Capacity Over Design Capacity

Dear iFixit i am from india and after ios diagnostic that my battery is consumed i went to a repair shop to get it repair coz apple warranty was finished.

after battery replacement i used it and it worked fine after checking with ibackupbot

i noticed that battery full charge capacity is 1500 mah and for a iPhone 5s its short 50mah, anyways i was fine with that but now the issue is my battery is charged with 83 full cycle and now full capacity is 1400mah so is it ok to loose full charge capacity over design capacity in lithium ion batteries.

Plz Help me out

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From what you are describing it is normally for batteries to slowly loose its charge capacity over time. on the other hand it should not loose it that quickly. it is possibly you have a bad battery but i would try this to see what happens over the coarse of a few days try and let the battery die then charge it fully and repeat if that does not do anything then i would look and see if the replacement battery came with a warranty and go that route.

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Dear Josh

I will look forward to your advice,after doing this will it go back to normal 1500

I used to charged my phone with iPad charger not overnight but for a hour or two is this the cause for problem .

My battery is currently under warranty, are there any guidelines for checking a good battery coz I went to the repair shop and he did all this in front of me what I want to ask is there any technique with multimeter or any other thing that can be applied before applying the battery that it is good or not .

Also I know it is too much to ask but are there any good iPhone repair shops in New Delhi INDIA, what does ifixit recommend?

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