모델 A1502 / 4MB 공유 L3 캐시 2.6 GHz (Turbo Boost 최대 3.1 GHz) 또는 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost 최대 3.3 GHz) 듀얼-코어 Intel Core i7 프로세서.

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Apple diagnostics Ppt004 code

I ran apple diagnostic and got this battery service code. Telling me I should replace it.

When I check with battery health app it says the condition is good. And it has more then 200 cycles an 90% capacity.

Why the difference?

Should I replace the battery or leave it?

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I have seen apple batteries only last for 300 cycles, i have seen batteries last for over 1000 cycles, its almost like a shotgun chance of how many cycles your going to get in my experience, I would visually check your battery to make sure that it is not swelling, sometimes they will do this when they are going bad but will not display any error messages or anything like that until it has swollen so much that it has crack a track pad and busted a few screws off the bottom plate, one sign that this is happening is that your track pad is not acting correct like highlighting stuff your not trying to, moving icons that your not trying to, selecting items while you are just scrolling your mouse across the screen, that kind of stuff

This is the exact explanation of that error code

PPT004 The battery requires service. The battery is not functioning normally, though you may not notice a change in its behavior or the amount of charge it holds. You can continue to use your battery before it’s checked without harming your computer.

Contact Apple or take your computer to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store to determine which service and support options are available.

ref: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203747

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Thank you very much for the respond!

opening the back panel to examine should suffice or you suggesting to fully take it out ?

Thanks again.

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yeah i think just taking the bottom plate off would do it, u will be able to clearly see if the battery is puffing up, it might just be one cell it might be the whole thing but u will be able to tell for sure without having to take it out

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Thank you very much!

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Your welcome

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Please give us the last four figures of your serial number. Also go here and enter you serial number and check your warranty expiration date. https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWar...

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This - G3QR ?

Unfortunately warranty expired.

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I had the same problem. I just let the battery die and then charged it up until 100%. the problem is gone.

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