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How to hook up wires to a replacement plug?

I'm repairing a pair of old earbuds, and I need to know where to solder the wires. Attached is the wire layout for non-apple headphones, and the wires in the Apple earbuds. I'm not sure if the green is green or blue. The room I'm in has yellowish lighting.

If someone could tell me which colors to solder where, that would be fantastic.

Block Image

iPod Earbuds (New) 이미지


iPod Earbuds (New)


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Looking at it from behind Blue left pin, Yellow middle and red to the right.

Also you shouldn't be soldering in a badly lit area.

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I tried doing the wires Blue/Green, yellow, red, but it didn't work. What should I do with the Red/green wire? My room isn't badly lit, it's just incandescent yellow.

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If you have 5 cables and 3 pins then you have the wrong jack. You should have a 4 pole plug.

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Nope. The original plug also had the 3 metal parts and the 2 plastic rings. I know it's strange, but I guarantee it's the truth. Like in this diagram.

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If you saw the old plug, did you not document where they were connected before cutting the wires? The plug you are looking at is left, right and ground. Is there an inline mic?

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The old plug was encased in plastic. I'm going to go dunk it in some acetone and settle this real quick. My theory is that all of the old apple earbuds had the wires for the mic and volume control, but not all of them had it installed.

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