Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Unable to print 4F

Brother Printer all in one MFC J615W

if I try to print , it writes on fhe LCD: unable to print 4F. someone told me that the ptinting head is ruined because I used not original ink. is it true? How can i fix it?

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same as me...unable to print init.4F

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for brother dcp-j315w

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How to Clear the "Unable to Print" Message from the Brother Printer Display

Found this on youtube. If this doesn't work, try the one below.

Access the internal maintenance mode by pressing the Menu/Set button, then press * 2 8 6 4 within 2 seconds. This should put you in the maintenance mode menu. Enter 80, then scroll down with the arrow down (round) key. You'll find an entry listed as purge count. If number is over 6000, enter 2 7 8 3.

This will reset the purge count value. Then the printerwill restart, hopefully without the annoying cannot clean message.

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I fixed my MFC-J615W by merely opening it up and jiggling the head left and right a few times. It is possible that I just needed to unplug it for a few minutes for error to clear. Hoping (and expecting) that I can run a few more reams of paper thru it before replacement.

Extremely disappointed with Brother Support. Screen says refer to troubleshooting in User Manual - downloaded - nothing at all about 4F error code. 15 minute call with Brother Support, only thing they could tell me is ‘take to service shop’ - they could not tell what 4F meant. Call their recommended service shop - $79 just to diagnose but cleaning and adjustment was no extra cost. Asked what replacement of HEAD would cost “the tech will quote after diagnosis”.

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So 6 days later, everything is still operating as if brand new. Admittedly I have only printed about 60 pages, typically 1 - 2 pages per instance.

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