The HP Envy dv7 is a Windows 8 laptop that sports a 17.3-inch screen.

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Screen will not function.

I just bought my HP ENVY DV7 from a buddy of mine today and i got it back to my place and plugged it in. The screen wont turn on. although the lights on the keyboard light up and the fans run. The Caps lock light blinks for 1 second pauses and lights up again then continues this pattern. I'd like to know if they is anyway it can be fixed.

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Connect an external monitor. See what that shows.

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Zachariah Navarro here is an explanation for the various blink codes. You want to remove the RAM, battery and power cable. then hold down the power button for 15 -30 sec. After that replace the RAM and the power and try to start. It is possible that this is caused by bad RAM as well as many other things. I'd start with an external monitor and reseating the RAM.

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I just tried what you asked and i still get the same results. No video is being displayed on the either moniter. Before i bought it my freind said it had worked 3 months ago before he stopped using it.

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Could be a bad BIOS or worse a bad GPU. Check the steps on here

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