LCD Shows Square Pixelated boxes when running DVD

I replaced the DVD drive on my Powerbook Model A1095 because I thought that the problem would be resolved but when looking at a DVD Movie the screen still shows small square rectangles in the movie view. When I attached an external monitor I see the same problem. Is the video embedded in the mainboard? I do not know what I should replace. I am trying to confirm if I would need the mainboard. I see from the suggested solutions I may have a bad main board instead of a bad LCD. But not sure.


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Do you have the same problem with non movie DVD's? If not I would wonder if the computer has an adequate screen resolution for the movies. Could you play the movies before you changed the drive? Go to system preferences and set the resolution as high as you can and see if your video improves.

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+ also try dragging the file to the hard drive and then playing it. Sounds like it could be a video file quality issue also.

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I had what sounds like the same problem; when I took it to the Apple Store, they seemed pretty sure it was the motherboard. In my case it also shows up in games (especially Halo) and high-res images. I also now cannot record/input sound. I've done a complete wipe a clean install, and the problem didn't go away, so clearly a hardware issue of some kind. If anyone has a different theory, or better news, I'd be glad to hear it. On the plus side, It's continued to function, minus those issues, for almost two years now.

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