Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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What is the code for the navigation system?

my battery went dead and I need to reboot the navigation system with a number code, but I don't have a manual or know the previous owners code.

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According to honda_guy on this forum:

"Each system has its own unique activation code.the first place to check is inside your glove box. You are looking for a white adhesive tag that is about 1" long and 0.5 inch high. It should have 4 digit code on it. Most of the time the dealers stick the tag on the inside wall of the glove box. That four digit code is the NAVI activation code.If you bought the car new then your dealer should have the code on file. If you call them they should be able to look it uplI assume you looked through the paperwork and that you couldn't find the white "credit card" that has the theft codes on it. Sometimes the dealers write the number on the inside of the owners manual cover but that is not universal.If you didn't buy the car new you can look on the back of the car to see if there is a dealer label or the original dealer name on the license plate frame and call them. They should be able to look it up from their records if you give them the vehicle identification number.If you don't know who the original selling dealer was, you can call the local Honda distributor (American Honda in the USA 1-888-999-1009) and ask them who the retailing dealer was so that you can call them to get the code.otherwise you have to have the navigation system removed to get the serial number off of it and that costs money.I hope you find the code on the tag in the gloveboxhope that helps"

Hope this helps!

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