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2.16 또는 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo 프로세서

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System not booting, no boot chime, sleep light solid on

As the subject says. I can also hear the boot drive make sounds when power button is pressed. Previous threads seemed to indicate that this might be a problem with left I/O board, as previously (when system was still working) I also noticed that USB devices would not power or charge off of the left hand USB connector but would off the right. A replacement (ifixit) I/O board did not change the symptoms. Is it possible that the replacement board is also defective, or is it more likely the logic board is fried?

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Me too - I have the same issue - excepting I have a MBP 17 inch 2.5ghz A1621

Me too, with a MBP 15 inch A1226. It happened 2 weeks ago.

It just happened yesterday, MacBook Pro Early 2008, one month before 3-years after bought. My non-Pro Sony Vaio is working for over 6 years!

Welcome to the wonderful world of declining Mac Book Pro reliability :(

i have exactly the same issue..

Here is the problem solving tutorial. What is happening is your MacBooks graphics card is no longer making contact with the logic board due to faulty solder. Follow the directions in the tutorial and you will have a working macbook again.


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If sleep light stays on and you get no video (with the brightness turned up) the logic board is not getting EFI information and changing the dc-in will not help. It is a logic board, not a power, issue. If light goes out and it is 2.2- 2.4 GHZ model and probably a faulty N-Videa chip, in which Apple will replace the logic board at no cost if within three years of purchase, possibly extended to 4 years. If light stays on and PRAM and PMU rest don't help, replace the logic board.

If there is very dim imaging on the screen, it is either an inverter (most often), or the lcd screen or, again, the logic board.

Bilzi Mac Consulting

Wilmington, NC

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Replaced logic board, and LCD. Still have this same problem.

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Problem I had:

Macbook Pro 17" from 2008. After a Lion update I would push the power button and get a solid white light (from the sleep light), black screen and there would be no chime. I had a disc in so I would hear it spinning.

I thought it was because of the Lion update.


The Macbook must have overheated when I was doing the Lion update. I tired SMC resets, taking the RAM out, PRAM zap, etc. I heard that this could be due to the Left Logic Board.

What I did was set the Macbook up like a teepee under the covers on the bed. I put lots of pillows around and covered it good. After it got really hot to the touch, I set it in another room upside down overnight. The next day it worked! I had the HDD out, so I powered it down and put it back in.

Problem was, I decided to do updates. About a year+ worth since that's how long it was down. So there was a 2GB combined Lion update. I did the update, restarted and the issue was back: solid white light, black screen, no chime.

I set it up like a teepee again under the covers and overheat it. That did not work. So a day later I powered it on, but this time I put it upside down on the bed with the lid closed, so the batter was facing up. With it powered on, I covered it really good. After about an hour give or take, I put it in the other room to let it cool. Once it was cool to the touch I powered it on and it worked.

I thought there was a correlation with Lion, but I think it is just a heat issue. While doing updates, the computer heats up.

So far it is still working. I downloaded smcfancontrol and set the fan speed to max. I am going to order a big cooling tray for it.

But it seems it was overheating and affecting some connectors on the logic board.

So in summary, the fix (at least for me) for the black screen, no chime, solid white light: is to overheat the laptop upside down under the bed covers and then let it set until it is cool. Then give it a shot. While I overheated mine, I took out the battery and HDD. Then download smcfancontrol.

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OMG!!! This totally worked for my 2008 Macbook Pro!! I had heard u could stick it in the oven on a low temp, but that just seemed too risky. My screen was black, sleep light would stay solid when closed, and I could still hear it running. Hard booting it didn't do anything, and no boot-up chime was heard each time I re-booted. So, I tucked it under the covers, upside down like a teepee, and let it overheat. I let it cool overnight, after shutting it down, and this morning — low and behold — it's been fixed! Thank you so much for your post. As unconventional of a fix as it seems, it did the trick! Happy dance commencing.

Amazing! THIS WORKED FOR ME. I overheated the machine by keeping it powered on, upside down, under covers for about an hour. Shut it down, let it cool and turned it on. I have broken and fixed many things, but never like this. When I read this post, I smirked and thought someone is playing a crude joke. After trying all of the other resets and tricks, this was my last hopeless attempt at fixing my old beast. It works, It lives on.

Oh !! My!!! GoD!! wow!! how?? this worked man! I have late 2011 macbook pro and it turned off all of a sudden. I did everything. I did PRAM reset, SMC reset, I opened up my laptop but no fix. I took out my battery connector. I took out RAM.. Nothing fixed !&&*!! I even connected my laptop taking out battery.. no nothing!! I thought my logic board was gone and I had to pay more than 400 dollars.. Then I searched in google and read about your fix. %#*@!! I only overheated it for about 20 min in bed , putting upside down. And clicked the power button. IT FIXED!! How? is this magic? m so happy for your comment. God bless you.

After beings a bit skeptical i said what to i have to lose! So i tried it and OMG!! Saved my Lap 08' niceeeee thank you so much!

I was pleasantly surprised this crazy method worked. My '08 mac died 4 months ago and after trying just about everything on line I found this and it worked. I am sure there is still something wrong as if it overheats again it will probably run into this problem. But glad I get to at least use my old friend for a little bit longer.

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Try Resetting the PRAM Resetting PRAM and NVRAM

1. Shut down the computer.

2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

3. Turn on the computer.

4. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.

5. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.

6. Release the keys.

Your computer's PRAM and the NVRAM are reset to the default values. The clock settings may be reset to a default date on some models.

let me know if that works

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Hi Matt, no joy. The interesting thing is that the sleep light lights solid and the drive spins up as soon as I plug the power cord in and before touching the power button. There is no startup chime and the screen never lights up. I can manually power off at this point by holding down the power button, and by touching the power again I get a repeat of the same symptoms. Immediately after touching the power button after the system has been powered off I hold cmd-opt-p-r 'til the cows come home and I get the same symptoms (sleep light stay solid on, and rattly drive noises). Pressing and holding the power button on power-up produces the fast-blink then steady on that I think is associated with an SMC reset, but there is no associated tone.

This sounds like a faulty connection or bad keyboard/track pad that got water damaged.

Remove the keyboard / track pad ribbons and start it by running a small screwdriver across the connector pins avoiding each end grounds. In other words don't touch the pins and the ground at the ends of the connector. This is not proper method as there are Start pads in the logic board but for one test it should be ok, I wouldn't do it all the time. If the computer starts fine - replace track pad/keyboard. This is for water damaged machines- the track pad is usually the culprit or a cable or connector that has corroded, burnt off, or its connector is shorting out.

Just got my 2008 macbook pro 17" hours ago from an eBay seller, started it in Mac OS, then bootcamp into WinXP, after a mandatory Windows Updates (heated up badly), I shut it down and upgraded its memory to 4GB. Then it would never wake up. No chime, No screen, fans, HDD and DVD are running and I was in completed remorse after all kinds of resets done (PRAM SMC...) but still failed to resurrect it. I felt worse than infected with Coronavirus. But after seeing this post I'm giving it a high hope. Trying it now, will let everyone know tomorrow morning.

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Try a SMC reset. This could be any type of hardware failure....it doesn't necessarily mean it's the logic board. I would try disconnecting the Superdrive first, then try booting up that way. You can also try removing and reinserting the RAM sticks. This can also be cause by a faulty I/O Board, and being that you had issues with the USB ports this is most likely the cause.

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I had the same issue. Tried everything here bar the teepee suggestion which i was intrigued by but went for a free diagnosis at a repairs shop before trying that one.

In my case it was a broken ram slot so it works with one piece of ram removed.

Regarding the teepee method the guys in this repairs shop have a machine that does the same thing. They call it floating it and i think were impressed at your idea of how you could do this yourself, thought it sounds like in my case it wouldn't have fixed it.

best of luck

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Hi there, I assume that you had only replaced that I/O board only. Now, if you had replaced any other hardware items just prior to this problem then you may want to remove them and replace them with hardware that is compatible for Apple machines. If you obtained that I/O board from places like ebay, make sure it's NEW or at least guaranteed to work as intended. You can get bad parts back to back, just make very sure that you had connected that cable from the I/O board to your logic board correctly and fully inserted otherwise, you can develop issues. After doing this, if things do not improve then the likelihood of having a failing logic board is in the works. Call Apple and inquire about this "Depot" program that's going on. What this mean is that they can repair your laptop for $350.00, they will replace whatever is needed to restore it back to full operation and that cost includes everything.

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Hi, I have a similar Issue. A1211, Power works fine, green light, charges battery fine (while orange). Solid Sleep light, No startup chime, A little disk access, a few clicks. What differs on mine to some on the forums is that i get power from both USB sockets but also there is a disk in the superdrive but no activity from that at all. Fans spin also.

Just wondering if the power to USB and the dead superdrive makes any difference in diagnosing the issue. I have tried all the resets known to man, key combinations, no memory, some memory, swapping it around with new memory, all sorts. I also attempted a reflow of the Logic board at 190-200c for 7-8 minutes, seemed to work fine but made no difference at all. Wanted to ask advice before I attempt that again.

Appreciate any pointers. Many thanks.

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Still probably the logic board. Any spill history? The power circuit and left USB Are pretty close on that side.

Steve bilzi

Wilmington, NC

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This time, the charger was the problem.

I guess it has an overheating protection, since it works again after being unplugged for about an hour.

Also, this seems to happen when the computer is asleep and the battery runs empty. Perhaps it somehow draws full power during sleep?

..last time it was nvidia chip overheating. Got them to replace the motherboard on the extended warranty.

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I had similar problems with a black macbook 1,1 - MA472LL/A:

I bought the computer off ebay - the seller was a re-seller who thought it was water damaged - hooked to a charger there was a bright green light on the charger - when power button was pushed the mac's sleep light would come on and stay on (constant) I could hear the hard drive spinning - the dvd/cd had already been removed - because the case was in good shape I decided to change out the logic board - however when i removed all the ram and tried to start it the mac re-acted to that by flashing the sleep light (i think 5 times in a row)

that gave me hope for the logic board

I removed the airport card and tried the power button again. the computer was able to start with chime and fully boot to my login in screen.

On the apple support site - it said that the software for the airport card might need to be updated, and that i would need to get on the internet with the ethernet connection and update it -

i hope to post a positive update soon.

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I've had the same problem. It was a faulty connection to my RAM. Taking the chips out and putting them back in solved the problem

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