The Digiland DL801W 8 inch windows tablet comes with an Intel quad-core processor, 16 GB of storage, and 2 built-in cameras. With the device, you can search the web, video chat, take pictures, check the weather, and listen to music.

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I cant getinto mytablet. cant remember password

i let my mother n law use the tablet and when i got itback she doesnt remember the password n i dont know it how can i get past this please help

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If you're having an issue doing a fresh install of Windows 10 on the Digi-Land DL801W tablet, see

There is an response article by user LordFlux [user profile: }

This has all the instructions and links to install the drivers.

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my tablet is a 7 inch Quad Core Tablet

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It a DL721-RB tablet and it doesn't have any instructions on how to change to password and reset it. I have tried all the codes I have used in the past and ZIP!!!! It just told my I have only 9 more tries to open it. So HELP!!!!

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