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2009년 6월 출시 / 2.66, 2.8, 또는 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo 프로세서

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Magsafe connector Scalding hot when charging

MagSafe connector heats up really bad, why is that?

I too have the problem of the 85W Magsafe 1 connector getting scaldingly hot charging the MBP either when its on and open or when its closed and hibernating. The connector is cool when charging powered down. To eliminate Magsafe problem, I test with new original piece - same results. Battery is new.

Of the 5 pins inside the (Old) Magsafe connector and the DC-in Board (where the Magsafe magnetically connects to the MBP) the 1st and last pins are black, and not shiny brass. I sometimes have to jiggle the connector before the green and orange lights come one. I will try cleaning the contacts with isopropyle alchohol and report if the discolouration cleans off.

Could the problem be with the Magsafe DC-in board? How can I tell for sure? What will happen if I just continue to use the new Magsafe with the old board and ignore the hot hot connector?

Thanks for the support.

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mine was too. too touch to even touch. so i disconnected it. cleaned the connectors with an old toothbrush and noticed that one of the connectors was already depressed slightly. i pushed on it and it didn't click back into position so i tapped the magsafe on the table to try and push it out. and saw that it did. dirt and grime could be the culprit. re attached it. now it's charging again...its heating up the same but not as it did before. seems like i have to buy a new magsafe then.

I too have the problem of getting Magsafe connector hot. My observation and analysis are:

DC-in Board pins 2&4 (2nd from either side) are black. Magsafe connector 2&4 pins are pressed down and not fully popped out. hence these pins while touching DC-in Board connector, do not make full contact. They are making loose contact which in turn makes arcing/sparking which generates heat to make Magsafe hot. It is a typical phenomenon you see on household electric plugs getting fused and burnt. Once I cleaned both sides with alcohol and system worked good for some time.

Other thing is once batteries get old, they need more current to charge. Moreover if you are using your MBP and charging it simultaneously, it will require extra current. That much extra current when flows through connector it is bound to get heated up.

In my opinion if the Magsafe pins are not depressed, fully popped out and make firm contact with DC-in Board, the problem is 90% solved.

I too had this. While checking email Noticed that charging was slow, felt charge port and it was very hot. I lightly pushed in the plug connector wiggled caddy corner as to assure connection and allow connection points to sorta clean themselves and every thing returned back to normal. I will clean the contacts when I get a chance.

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Same to my A1286 model it's getting hotter and when I run an application or open a file it run something like in slow motion behaviour... My keyboard suddenly acting like typing different characters...What happen? PLS HELP!

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You'll need to replace the damaged DC-in Board to start things off. But I suspect you have some deeper issues here.

Your MagSafe power adapter is likely bad. Is the cord damaged? The cord needs to be smooth along its length and ends not frayed or bumpy. These are signs of a shorted connection within the cord.

The next issue is the logic board its self, hopefully the SMC circuit didn't get damaged but the charging circuit might have.

Download this little app so you can see whats happening: CoconutBattery. Post a screen shot in your question of what it shows so we can see it as well.

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Thanks very much Dan.

My Magsafe power adapter is brand new- unboxed 2 days ago.

The battery i replace is less than a year old- 41 cycles. It charges and discharges ok. I have an app called Battery Health. I'm having troub;e with making my screen shot match the minimum image requirements (how do i do that?) so here is what the app says

orignal max capacity-6900 mAh/ Current Max 6890 mAh /

OSx health status - Good /

cycles-41 /

age - 11.7 months /

temperature- 30.8'C/ 87.5'F /

power Usage 27.8 watts /

mAh Usage (realtime) 2381mAh /

hope this helps. Yes, i'm leaning towards replacing the DC -in board as well, but i dont find a tutorial for this specific model. Plus - the whole process seems so daunting. Afraid i'm not a repair guy at all, ever, though i strongly believe in the philosophy :-)

While this one is a bigger job than most, you'll need to start there. Sorry guy ;-{

:-) I guess you are right. Tx Dan.

MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board

I'm not finding the Replacement guide for this particular model. Any resources you can point me to?

Also - I presume from the above that you are ruling out any problems with the Magsafe Adaptor, the battery, logic board and the SMC (?) circuit.

Nope, just as I stated you need to start with the most obvious then move forward. Your system is pulling to much which is why your charger is over heating. You need to remove anything that is resistive, the DC in-board having damaged contacts is the first thing here. Is it the only thing I don't know. Here's the guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2009 MagSafe DC-In Board Replacement

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I just want to post my answer here as it may help you or someone else.

I had the exact same issue. Charging connector gets extremely hot and not just that, you've to jimmy the connector every time to see that orange light and to see the charging indicator on your toolbar.

I actually thought it might be my battery's problem or my charger's problem and that I may have to go to apple store to diagnose it and change it.

But before going, I thought of checking out youtube and trying to fix it by myself if possible. As it turns out, it was a ridiculously simple solution.

Just clean the pins on the connector and your port on the laptop! As simple as that!!

Here is the video which helped me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm-b01cN...

Hope it helps someone :)

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This worked for me too. A toothbrush gets in there good and cleans nicely.

Glad it Helped!

Before you do anything else….like run out and buy a new charger or a new laptop…..try cleaning the pins on the connector and port on laptop. Used Q-tip and rubbing alchohol. Surpised how dirty these surfaces were. Problem solved. Connection good, charge light working and connector barely gets hot

thanx @fernandezemg it helped to make my magsafe normal functioning again by just clearing the dirt

A toothbrush, a little cloth helped a lot.

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The first actionable step is to see to it that the Megasafe is having a contact issue with the the system port where it is plugged. I’d this issue earlier and I noticed that some of the pins on the Megasafe is dented, and observed there are dirts in both Megasafe and the port so I cleaned both using ethyl (thinner) and it starts working properly.

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i think you have bad contact with pins on charger or charging port on laptop, i sugest you use eraser to clean up those pins on charging port.

Eraser helps me to remove oxides on contacts

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I had the same issue with blackened middle pins and tried cleaning etc. Old battery. COnnector too hot to touch. What worked for me was very light sanding of the face of the connector (not the pins), to make the face flush (remove nicks and edges). No more overheating. I guess by taking ever so little off the connector’s magnetic mating face, when the laptop goes to latch magnetically, it manages to make a much better connection with the power pins.

You really need a new DC-In Board

I read all the answers and comments, and I found this one the most simple and helpful. I freaked out a little when I read the first one. I'd heard of using alcohol or sanding on contacts before, but wow, the eraser worked quite well. My contacts on the laptop side had black rings which disappeared with a few rubs of the eraser. I didn't have to worry about finding a q-tip and alcohol, or finding the right grit of sand paper or worrying about damaging the contact by scraping it with something metal. Best answer.

The blackened and recessed pin is eroded, not depressed, from electrical arcing. You need to replace the DC-in board and possibly the Magsafe adapter. I had this problem and solving it required replacement of the DC-in board and the Magsafe adapter (the heat load eventually degrades the insulation on the cord near the plug.) I also replaced the computer battery.

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I have purchased three brand new MagSafe 2 adapters directly from Apple, and they all get scalding hot. It's so hot that I feel it might start a fire if it were on paper or even a rug.

Also, can some explain what Liaat mean't when he said, "In my opinion if the Magsafe pins are not depressed, fully popped out and make firm contact with DC-in Board, the problem is 90% solved." It's unclear whether he means the pins should be pushed in or popped out. Which is it?

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mine too and the charger is brand new ? can anyone tell me the solution i have macbook pro retina 15 inch and the charger is Magsafe 2 85W

A hot charger is often the MagSafe connector on the system is worn-out. Replace it!

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I ended up replacing my Magsafe DC-in board port. It wasn’t as difficult of a process as I thought and I’m using my Mac again to respond to this thread. I ended up replacing the Magsafe connector as well. I had scalded that so bad and burnt up that I was scared to use it without replacing the connector. I ultimately just spliced the new connector wire to my old one, so now my cable is nearly twice as long.

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I certainly recommend trying all of the easy fixes, but I’ve had this problem several times on my mid-2012 15” Pro, and each time it was the DC-in board.

I believe the way to tell if it’s the board is when your battery power icon starts acting up. For example, the icon will say you have a 70% charge, but when you momentarily unplug the Magsafe, oops, now it says you have a 45% charge, indicating that something is going on with the board, and it’s simply not sending the proper information to the rest of the computer anymore. Also you can have a situation where the green light lites up, but doesn’t want to switch to orange. Having to wiggle the Magsafe to get it to charge is also a bad sign, and logically would seem to indicate that the problem is mechanical, but you may still need a DC-in board even if all the visible parts look secure. Weird activity with the charging icon is what ultimately tells the tale in my experience.

Where exactly the heat comes from in this situation is hard to say, I suspect the input board is no longer properly regulating the rate at which the power is fed into the computer, as I’ve had this same problem when all the pins and contacts look perfectly clean and bright. For the time being that is, until they start looking cooked, and the plastic starts melting around the pins.

Holding an ice cube on the Magsafe can be an emergency measure if you have the patience for it. The closer you get to a 100% charge, the cooler the Magsafe will run. But once you get to an indicated 100%, everything can seem fine, until you momentarily disconnect the Magsafe, and suddenly it says you’re down to an 80% charge again.

I also suspect that some of the DC-in boards you can get may be counterfeit, and may not hold up as well as the original factory boards, although who can say, as it was the factory board that messed up in the first place.

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Wouldn't an ice cube have a tendency to melt and the resulting water short out the Mag-Safe connector?

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