Compatibility of HGST K71000 Internal Hard Drive

I have an Asus A43SD laptop, about 4 years old. I want to upgrade the hard drive to 1 Tb capacity, and favour the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 device for its reliability reputation.

The dimensions of the 7K1000 are correct for the A43, The rotation speed is 7200 rpm which is faster than the current drive in my laptop (5400rpm.)

Before buying, I want to confirm that the drive will be suitable.

HGST seems to think so, but say it may not operate at full speed; Asus seem to think that the 750 Gb drive will be ok but they have not tested the 1 Tb drive.

So, please can anyone give me definitive information as to the compatibility of the A43 and the 7K1000?

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