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How do I reset firmware password (EFI) on my MacBook Air A1369

Hello guys. I just bought a Macbook Air A1369 Intel Core i5 on eBay and I found out today that it is blocked with a firmware password. What can I do to reset the password?

Block Image

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I also bought my MacBook on eBay with exactly the same problem. I urge everyone to refrain from buying there because too many crooks.

I had to research on the internet for a way to research my password. Follow this extensive guide to solve this: https://bit.ly/3x2UAYK

This should be helpful.

Efi Password Unlocker Device EFI BIOS Master| Mac Efi Password Remover tool

use this device will be unlock

I have the same issue I bought mine off offerup and the dude was really nice and all about a year ago well today I wanted to upgraded the storage and after upgrading I realized I the had the blinking folder which I was just gonna reinstall software well to do that I need the efi password and now I wasn’t able to get in even after putting the original ssd in still showing the blinking folder and the efi password bar

@dwgood2004 - Your issue is the drive doesn't have the required OS on it and/or you failed to startup using the Startup manager Option Key


- Mac startup key combinations

- If your Mac doesn't start up all the way

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If he can't give you the password, use your Buyer Protection Program on eBay and get your money back and leave this thief really negative feedback.

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This computer was listed as parts use only suits parts only

I agree that only apple has access to remove the passwords. I have been removing them for years via hardware reprogramming because many people have no where else to turn. Just to give you some scenarios i have come across. most common are second hand buyers who do not even know that there is a efi lock or pin lock when they buy them until one morning they wake up and find it remotely locked . another scenario is people really forget the passwords usually setting them one time and never using them again. another scenario is of large companies giving them to employees who set the passwords and then get fired . schools and companies get rid off large quantities when they upgrade and never remove the passwords. why should they care when they are getting new machines. apple does not want to help you they want to sell more machines. They will tell you it was set by someones personal icloud account , that would be an invasion of privacy. these are just some cases i have heard. google me jersey city efi password

This has been a while, but for the sake of others who may have the same situation on eBay, coming from someone who gets a significant amount of rebuilders off of eBay auctions:

If the seller didn't disclose the efi lock on a Mac in its description and/or provide photos of the lock screen, then you still have recourse through eBay's buyer protection -even- if it was listed for parts only. Showing a booted, locked Mac as being allegedly functional, but not disclosing something like firmware locking, is considered a deceptive listing.

Contact the seller first. If they don't reply, or refuse to offer a password or satisfaction on their own, open a return case, and choose "Item does not match description or photos," and detail that there was no disclosure of the Mac being firmware locked. EBay sides with the buyer over the seller in instances of lax descriptions.

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Hi, I bought a 2009 A1304 Macbook air with firmware password set, and no OS X installed.

So I get the HDD from the Macbook Air and installed El Capitain 10.11 with a Macbook pro used the HDD as external drive with a special connector. That was a little bit tricky with the ribboncable. After I installed the drive back in the Macbook Air it boots successful. Then I open a Terminal shell and call nvram -c and set a new firmware password with firmwarepasswd and deleted it with the command to ensure it was written to the EFI chip. Now no hardware password is set and I can boot from external devices.

nvram -c

firmwarepasswd -setpasswd (I use 1234)

firmwarepasswd -delete

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i can make this for a Apple MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.3 15" Mid-2012 ?¿ i have firmware password i cant boot on a usb and cant in dvd . no osx installed

?¿ thanks i hope u can help

only for old macs, after 2010 efi cant be removed using this method :(

@janhb Will this method work on MBA 1465 EMC 2924(Early 2015)?

is there a way to find the password before it lock .

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I am working on a MacBook Pro mid 2014 that was bios locked. I bought a bios chip from bios depot on eBay and fed him the serial number and info and he made me a new bios chip. I replaced the one on the board and it worked fine for about a month then it failed and bricked the machine. I found a company in the Netherlands that make a small circuit board with the preprogramed bios chip on it. It plugs right into a port on the motherboard and it is awesome. It overrides the bios chip in favor of the new one and in minutes after getting it I am up and running. on eBay they have a few of the matts but if you look up there site they have many Mac models they support. I don't have the info in front of me but if you go to eBay and search for MacBook bios chip and "Matt" or

EFI BIOS firmware Matt Card Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2015

that will get you to one of there listing and get you in touch with the company. This turned my bricked MacBook back into a working machine in minutes. did take it a week or so to get here but it was worth it.

Hope this helps

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Is this easy to do myself at home? I am trying to unlock my Mid2014 A1502. but admittedly a total noob...


To answer your question: Yes, it's simply a small, preprogramed pop-in Bios override card that takes just a few minutes to install. All you have to do is take off the Macbook2014 A1502 bottom cover and put the card into an already empty

Bios testing port just above the SSD drive. They work as advertised and cost around $85.00. Takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive via the mail from the Netherlands.

My 2014 13" MacBook Air is now up and running great after having borked my book's Bios with an accidental Clover Bootloader install.

Hope this info helps you.


Steve C.

I have a locked iMac 27" 5K bought in Mediamarkt in Holland were I live, can you tell me where I can buy this circuit board with preprogrammed bios chip? The shop has never told me that I needed an EFI code, they want me to pay 150 EURO = $180 for repair, they say : software problems are not coverd by the warranty!

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The Genius Bar people can reset the firmware password but they will need a proof of purchase for the original purchase. I have the same problem with a MacBook my college roommate gave me and they told me he has to provide them with the original proof of purchase (or the credit card he used to buy it since he bought it at the Apple Store) in order to unlock it.

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Apple will not help you unlock it they are more interested in selling new machines. Not to worry it can be done by a reflow machine and a new bios chip

Installing a new chip isn't the only thing the new firmware chip has to have the firmware of MacBook on it so have to write the firmware to the chip before you install it in the MacBook the EFI chip is a BIOS chip

Please tell how to solve the problem. Firmware lock. I have macbook Air mid 2011

Sam you are actually wrong. Someone that has access to a self service account can do it via chat with them . Thats how the 3rd party companies do it. Via Apple self service account. Source- Have done it myself many times. You send them the hash code and they generate a file that they send you and boot to the drive with the file they sent and its removed. Incase anyone is curious what that looks like.

Danielle, that only works if your Apple ID is linked to your system, if not you SOL!

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Block Image

this was efi chip that was used from 2010-2013 on almost all models macbook pro 13 15 and 17 also the imac and mac mini. they have 8 legs very common and easy to reprogram with right tools.

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it wont say atmel it will say MXIC6406e on it was just using this picture for reference

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I found this. hope this helps http://osxdaily.com/2015/01/28/forgot-ma...

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hi i have macbook air 2011 . 11inch with bios lock how i unblock any buddy help me plz

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if you have proof of purchase and are still under warranty go to apple . if not your going to have to pay a third party to remove it by reprogramming the EFI chip (AKA bios chip) be careful as this can brick your machine if not professionally done I have had many technicians even 20 year plus veterans come to me after they fried the motherboard. At that point you might as well buy a new machine. For more info look for programming efi bios chips. It sounds simple but its more of a electrical engineering thing than a I.T. thing. mxic6406e was the chip they first used to hold the bios info. as of last 2 years there is a couple of different chips depending on model and year that I don't know off top of my head but I do have plenty of pictures somewhere as I always would document a new machine after my work is done. HOpe this gives you insight and don't brick it!!! Try apple or third party or sell it (Not to me I have plenty) if you don't want to invest more.

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Sam, have not seen you around for a while. Do you have an answer for this one: Is this machine bricked forever

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I have a MacBook Air mid 2013 that i got off of eBay it’s could be iCloud locked or efi password locked i took it apple showed them the bill of sale from eBay they told me that i need the original bill of sale that came from apple not an eBay bill of sale it’s not stolen i checked eBay won’t give my money because it’s been over 30days the seller won’t give me the password unless i will pay him for it and eBay told me he had no returns so i went and a matt card it really works got the card from eBay.

I what know what i was told by eBay and there’s no need for you trying to get smart

Ebay doesn't help after 2 months from purchase or if you purchased the item for spares/repair. If you choose to buy a non working item you're supposed to know what you're doing. Free meals are a rare happening in this world.

And other thing it wasn’t listed as non working and its 30 days not two months

Don’t care it’s working now don’t believe that’s it 30days from the time the product is delivered to you check eBay money back policy it say 30 days

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Hi, what is a "matt card"?


Even if your comment is accurate, this is "Ifixit" not why "how do I return things to eBay for com. OTOH people saying "it's simple" or easy, are not explaining things well. If you have a eeprom programming device (which probably costs more than your Mac), it's not difficult. In fact you can also try things like reprogramming old Thinkpad BIOS. But unless you want to learn microprocessor programming, you won't be able to use it for much else. Better to pay someone who already has it and knows how to use it. It might be possible to do it with "BusPirate3", which is less than $50, but it takes a lot of effort to learn how it works.

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Still the same method of unlocking it is to rewrite the chip using an eeprom programmer and for those that bought their products off of eBay and had problems and issues I had been told by a person that I worked on their machine that I could not do it was a 2018 the 2019 with the new t2 chip that if you just get a police report and send it to eBay they will refund your money for the purchase

And for the record anything before 2018 can be done it's only 2018-2019 and 2020 that are very difficult but not impossible

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Yes, you right. But you can bypass this Activation Lock by skipping activation step on the computer hardware, which the T2 chip controls. It can be done by checkm8 exploit. The Checkm8 dev team create software that can bypass Mac Activation Lock Bypass, you can download it from https://checkm8.info/mac-activation-lock...

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I have a device I bought in England that does this in 10 seconds.

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Could you pls share some details

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