The Asus Q501LA features an Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) processor.

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How to Remove Hinge Cover?


I have an ASUS Q501la and am trying to replace the back cover of the LCD. While I was able to successfully pry most the LCD from the back cover (Shout out to Karl E for explaining how to pull the LCD away), to complete the job I need to remove the plastic hinge cover, which regretfully was not covered in Karl E's explanation.

After attempting to remove it myself, all I have succeeded in doing is breaking the clips on the right side of the hinge cover, and would like to avoid doing the same for the clips on the left side.

If anyone knows how to safely and successfully remove the plastic hinge cover from the ASUS Q501la, it would be much appreciated!

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Dont know if this will help but it looks like from this video there are two screws holding the plastic to the metal hinge

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Sadly that's not the right model of laptop, one that has a different type of hinge and hinge cover.

The hinge cover on the Asus Q501la is a single long strip that runs most the length of the screen, rather than two pieces at each end.

Thank you for attempting though, it means a lot!

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With the lid of the laptop seperate from the body, lay it flat on a table so the screen is oriented vertically and facing you, then the hinge cover simply slides to the right a couple of millimeters, then lifts up without a hitch. I figured this out only by breaking one completely, and I am now stuck looking for a new one!

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Asus are great makers of laptops, but have had some issues with broken hinges on some of their models, mostly related to weak metal castings of the hinges themselves that would break. As a result there are numerous styles of hinges and covers re-engineered to prevent it from happening on future models. On my son's F554LA-NH51, it wasn't hinges, the screen was accidentally broken and after ordering a replacement screen and installing it, the job went without a hitch--except for reinstalling the hinge cover, which I had broken most tabs off of on the initial disassembly. I watched the YT video ( on the exact same model, but the tech didn't demonstrate the part about the hinge cover too well... it isn't one that you pull-straight-out then snaps straight back on. I had to order a new hinge cover, it was about $5 w/shipping. When holding laptop closed and upright on your lap, with hinge side up and bottom of laptop facing your chest, you must pry (try prying with a plastic or wooden wedge or something other than a metal screwdriver if you want to prevent scratching or marring the plastic surfaces) from the left side to the right, to "unhook" the fragile plastic tabs that fasten the cover onto the screen side lid. The distance is only about 2mm, but you'll meet some resistance when right side of hinge cover hits the edge, there is barely enough gently pry and press down until all the sets of lock tabs are engaged and center cover to lock it. That's all.

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