Display assembly and lightning connector not working after replacing

Ok, a while ago I cracked the display of my 5th gen iPod touch(I still can't figure out how, I had it the armrest of a chair and I don't remember setting my arm on it or anything, and it didn't drop, but the display was shattered right in the center), I bought I cheap display assembly off eBay(not doing that again) and had a friend replace it. Not super long story but I don't feel like explaining so let's just say the screen didn't work and he got a replacement, put it in and everything was fine. Then, I managed to properly drop it and crack the(top left) corner of it, but it wasn't that bad, and I didn't wanna have to buy a new one to replace it again, and this was only about two months after just getting it replaced. Then I dropped it again, and a bit of the top glass broke off of the left corner. It didn't go into the display(although a tiny bit went past the beginning of the LCD assembly) and it still worked fine so I kept it. One thing though, is that the plastic frame seemed to be pushing out a bit in the top left corner(where the crack is). I couldn't(and still can't) find out why, and it didn't seem to be affecting anything.(Sorry I'm dragging on so much, I really don't need to be explaining this all) Although after maybe two months it seemed like the display was starting to come loose around the top, and the past week I dropped it and the display totally fell out of. But it worked fine still, and I could push it back in, but after a while it would pop back out. I was planning on taking it apart to see if I could get it to stay in better(I'm pretty sure the adhesive hadn't been reapplied when the screen was replaced) and fix that thing with the frame protruding. But for the last two or three days, the touchscreen had been totally acting up, randomly clicking on things and being unresponsive, and the display display was getting rows of small boxes showing up along it. I thought this was probably caused by me constantly pushing against it and moving it. So today I decided to put my old original display assembly back in, 'cause, even though the screen was cracked much worse than this one, it still worked fine last time I used it. After trying forever to get it to turn off with the broken touchscreen, I took out the display assembly(thanks iFixit), and reinstalled the old one, and, with it still disassembled, turned it back on. And the screen never went on. I didn't even notice the backlight light up. I tried pressing down on the home button to see if I could get Siri to come on, just to make sure I didn't break it, and I didn't hear her. I put the new screen back in, in case this one stopped working, but still nothing. So I plugged it in to back it up(which I forgot to do before I did this). I could hear the little noise it makes when you plug it into the charger, so it's definitely running. But, about every 20 seconds, it makes the sound again. The little iPod icon shows up in iTunes when I plug it in, but it's greyed out. (Just to note, when I put my finger on the heat sink, it's slightly warm. How hot does it get when just asleep? iOS 9 probably keeps that poor old A5 nice and toasty.) So, neither of the displays seem to be working, I don't hear Siri, but the iPod dings when I plug it in, although it continues to ding, which is weird. And I can see it in iTunes, but the icon's greyed out so I can't open it's page.

Since that "automatically back up" thing never seems to work, my last backup is from about a month ago.

Not that bad but meh it would be nice to not lose whatever I've done since then.

I got this iPod right after it came out(so exciting), and managed to not break anything for almost three years, and now I went through two screens and possibly broke it.


Does anyone know what I could do, or what could be wrong? Thanks.

(Sorry I dragged this on so much.)

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