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Repair and support for the third generation of the Flip portable speaker by JBL.

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Replacing Micro-USB on JBL Flip 3 : Doable?

Was thrilled to get a brand new Flip 3 for Christmas, but as of yesterday it stopped charging. Took the charging cable out, and out fell a bent micro-USB pin -- seems like the cable itself somehow jammed it backwards and broke it off, meaning the speaker works fine, but won't charge at all. Any idea of how to feasibly get inside the speaker to be able to remove and replace the micro-USB?

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I had the same problem with my FLIP-3 micro usb charging port. They're covered under warranty, I'm not sure if they fall into the 3 or 5 year warranty. I called 800-336-4525, I believe it was option 2 for speakers. They sent me a shipping label so that I can send it to them and they'll be repairing for me at no cost. :)

I have bought my FLIP-3 for a year. And now I can't charge it. But it still work if have energy. So can i call that phone number and tell them my problem? I bought it on dick smiths store. I hope you will answer me soon. Many thanks. :))

All you need is proof of purchase and they should place it for free


thank you so much it help a lot just call the contact number above and select proper option and take to the person and ask for replacement.

they will do without your Bill/invoice they will just need a number which is on your speaker in white

they will also provide you return label send that old speaker and I will take like 10 days you will get brand new speaker with you any color selection

i send it the serial number and they are saying they are not getting purchase history..as i have missed the purchase record

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I have the same problem too. The way to open it is to take off the face mesh by using a flat tool to slowly pop off the edges. Inside this mesh there is some double sided type strip running the length of the mesh, Possible to keep it sealed, other than that there are no wires or anything attached to the face mesh. Once you get the mesh off it actually really simple. There are a multitude of screws but that shouldn't be to hard to keep in order once taken off. A "#1" sized precision screwdriver worked really well with my disassembly, and I believe all the screws that need to be taken off are compatible with that size as well. You'll notice that once you proceed to remove the first set of 10 screws (6 in the middle and 2 on the ends near the speakers) it removes the exterior shell of the speaker. After that you'll realize that a set of 6 screws (paired up right next to the 6 out of 10 screws you took off the middle to remove the shell) holds the cover to the component we wish to fix. You can remove that, but be careful there is a ribbon cable attached. From here its pretty straight forward, once removing those plates you disassemble the subwoofer on the side of the charging circuit. This exposes the internal circuitry of the speaker. You will notice a lot of that black rubber near the wires you need to disconnect. Keep in mind the circuit we want to remove for repairs is NOT held down by screws or clips, just that black rubber caulking. So, start by clearing out a lot of that rubber, very carefully because the wires can be damaged if not careful. Once you remove the rubber to where you can move the wired around, disconnect the two wires from the internal board, gently pull the charge/aux circuit board away from the rubber caulk its attached with and pull the now disconnected and mostly rubber-free cables through and out. From here, feel free to put everything back together so you simply won't lose any screws, or forget their locations.

This is the process I used to separate the damaged circuit board to repair the micro usb port. Im still trying to find a good replacement for the microusb port, if you guys have any solutions to that specific problem haha please let me know.

If you have any questions on anything I wrote here feel free to ask!

I am in no way a licensed professional, so I will not be responsible for any damages you may cause to your device. This worked for me, I cannot guarantee the same for you.

Best Wishes,


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Did you ever find a good replacement? Im having trouble finding one compared to the port JBL used.

Hey Josh,

I haven't found the proper replacement. But the part in the link below, to me, was pretty decent. Although it isn't the same, I think with a few tweaks it could serve as a good enough temp to enjoy the speaker until a proper replacement comes out.


Unfortunately this is the best I could find haha


Hey guys,

I've found another possible replacement. Just putting up some more options, this may work bettor for you, I think it may offer far less accommodations for the circuit.


Is there a difference between to flip 2 and flip 3 micro usb port? The only one that specifically says flip 3 port cost 10 times more than those that states flip 2 port.

You know, I'm glad you brought that up. I've completely blocked out the flip 2 replacement parts in my search, but I looked again and one might actually be able to use the actual flip 2 circuit replacement for the flip 3. The only difference is that the flip 2 doesn't have the aux port embedded on the same circuit so you would only be able to charge, but it could save you from having to potentially making the original unusable.

Check it out! http://m.ebay.com/itm/201537809111?_trkp...

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I ordered the part that Joshrawks21 put a link to. It worked; it was not a perfect fit but I got it to work.

For the record I'm an electronics tech with lots of soldering experience.

I made the repairs without removing the small PC board on which the USB port is mounted. First I used a heat gun (adjutable heat) to remove the old USB port. The new port would not sit flush with the board. I had to remove two plastic nubs on the bottom to allow the port and pins to mate flush with the board. I also used a tiny amount of "chip quick" liquid solder on the pins. When they mated to the solder pads on the PC board I simply used my heat gun to melt and make the solder connection. There was no way I could have gotten the soldering iron in there unless I removed the small PC board. I was only able to do this because Ihave a heat gun.

Also, once the USB port was in place, I had to cut/scrape the plastic enclosure to allow the USB port to stick out through the hole; it was now sucked down closer to the board because I had to remove those plastic nubs to have the pins make contact with the board.

Update (11/23/2016)

Here's a picture of the USB ports old and new.

Block Image

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Here is the link for the most of JBL Bluetooth wireless speaker charging ports:


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you have to pop the mesh cover off from the sides with a few flat head screwdrivers and it has clips around the edges.. careful of the area near the buttons.

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I rigged mine with a charger just splice the wires

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A picture of what it looks like would be nice

Lester Jackson can we see a pic of your Flip with the charger spliced in please?

send pics plz!

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I saw all the advice online about DIY replacement of the USB port on my Flip 3.

But first I contacted JBL and they were great. They emailed me a pre-paid return shipping label to return the defective speaker. Then they sent me a replacement speaker without waiting for the return item. The replacement speaker works great.

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Thanks Edd, I'm going to do the same. My fingers are too fat to handle those tiny circuitry parts!

Was it still under warranty? If you've had it more than a year, would they do the same?

No, I called JBL and if the speaker is over one yr old and no warranty, you're OUT OF LUCK!! I love JBL but the fact I can't pay them to service an otherwise great speaker and now it's a waste (or fix myself) is not good. Why do they make these USB charging Mini ports so delicate?? That pin is so easy to bend!!!! Long time JBL owner ...very disappointed.

I also have the same problem with my 3 yr old JBL Flip 3 speaker - the %#*@ pin broke off on the UBS charging port. this should NEVER happen. This is very poor quality. Never had a problem with any previous UBS port on dozens of other devices. And even worse. It is just about impossible to fix. JBL is JUNK. Don’t ever buy again.

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I called the 800 number give above and they were very helpful. They did ask a few questions as it depends what the damage is if they are able to replace your item or not.

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I need it fixed. I love this JBL flip 3

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