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Blank screen after rebuild

Replaced screen using wonderful Ifixit! No parts left over! But BLANK SCREEN!

chimes ok,

Siri works,

photo shutter sound works.

Battery charging.

Home/power reset didn't work.

I have checked the display connector.

What else can I check?

Thank you

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Alas! Using another screen didn't work.

I have fixed the power on button.

Usually power on/reset pressed together is the way to reset. Nothing happens in this case!

I am assuming that even if some internal parts were broken, eg the camera, I'd still see an Apple icon on startup.

Any further ideas before I scrap the iphone!

Thank you!

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Check to make sure the LCD cable has a solid connection, and make sure the connector is not bent.

Try another screen and if possible try it on another 4s.

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