USB data communication fail

Hello! I got a used iPod Video 5th gen "enhanced" (5.5) that can't connect to the computer at all (Windows or iTunes). The device initially showed the sad ipod icon when connected to a power source or the computer.

After testing it, I found out the hard drive is damaged, but even after swapping it with a working HD, the logic board won't make the connection with te PC and shows the connect to itunes to restore message. Booted the ipod in diagnostic mode and it fails to recognize a USB cable when connected to the computer (IO>USB Test>No Cable Conn), but it seems to charge just fine from USB.

Now my questions are: which chip in the logic board is the USB controller? Could it be that the solder on the chip cracked like it happens with the Wolfson chip and no audio comes out from any port? Maybe a "reflow" could help? Anybody with a similar experience? Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for my subpar English.

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Have you tired a different cable? different computer? Cleaned the dock connector?

Hi oldturkey03. I've tried four different cables and cleaned the dock connector already. I only have one computer, but I've tried every USB port available without avail. I have a bunch of other ipods that connect just fine to the same computer. Thank you!

Wtf you changed the hard drive of the iPod? Or did you mean the computer?

I meant the hard drive of the ipod. I tested it on another logic board and it is damaged.

@Jake, what's the problem with changing the hard drive? Pretty common with the original error of sad icon. No WTF required! Miguel, what happens when you change the harddrive once more? Does that make a difference? If you have a multimeter I suggest that you check the dock connector and see if that has the proper signals. Check on here for that. I have not come across a routine failure of the USB controller, not saying it's not possible just that I have not seen it.

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