Also known as the GS70 Stealth, this 17" gaming laptop was released in summer 2013 by Micro-Star International. Identified by the model number MS-1772.

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Bad hinge, loose cover


I have the MSI Gs70 Stealth and the right hinge is loose and I have a hard time opening/closing the lid... Any hints?

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hello there :D im a say that a little bad i would recommend opening the laptop... that hinge is in my opinion the screw is broken you gotta put a new one if you dont fix it the cable inside the laptop could snap 0.0.


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where can i purchase MSI GS70 stealth pro parts and screw/hinges ??

Please if someone has trusted supplier let me know thanks . :(

My LCD screen cover is pilling of the screen and is getting worse I cant lift my screen easily..

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Did you ever find a trusted supplier for your MSI GS70? I have one with a broken hinge that needs a new cover. I'm hoping it doesn't need the entire display assembly.

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Nope I haven't found parts I even called suppliers in china but their reply was that this Laptop model is rare and parts are of course rare as well, meaning that there is limited amount of spare parts created fro this specific model.

I have a friend who does this type of stuff and he helped me by dissembling, the whole laptop and making hinges loose a bit so that I dont get that annoying cracking noise when I lift the screen.

However, if you need new cover try to look on eBay or alibaba.

My one is still with old parts, they are just more loose and the LCD cover is glued better, MSI doesn't manufacture parts for this specific model anymore.

Hope I helped, but again find people who do this type of job, because the might know some suppliers and ask them.

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Thank you. I did find a display assembly on Ebay for $298. My customer hasn't decided if they wanted to replace.

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