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Replaced battery, white screen, very warm

I just replaced the battery on my old 4th gen iPod photo. Now all I get is a white screen and the unit is very warm. Played with the hold switch, but doesn't make a difference.

Any ideas?

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After replacing the battery and getting the heat and blank screen, I've just replaced the logic board ($30 approx) and my Ipod is on my desk charging normally. I trust it will work OK when charged. Much cheaper than buying a new one (and I don't want to watch videos on a tiny screen!)

Good luck

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No but I have exactly the same problem.

Before replacing the battery the Ipod wouldn't switch on and the display showed the empty battery symbol (including when I tried the reset procedure). It was working fine a fe minutes before it stopped.

When I tried charging it the hot spot is around the headphone socket and then the screen gets hot.


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I replaced the screen a few months ago so I don't think that's the fault. The screen cost approx. $14 (yep, fourteen) USD and took me 15 mins.

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