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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Won't find any WIFI

My tablet has all of a sudden gone offline and can't reconnect to WIFI.

The wifi swipe button just stays grey and it isn't reading any wifi addresses.

All other phones and tablets work so the Internet is fine the problem is the device.

Have tried restarting, rebooting, etc.

Please help!

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I have this same problem. I bought the tablet used wiped the OS and the cache partition. WiFi and Bluetooth still grayed out and auto switches to the off position after a few seconds. I would think using safe mode, and a wipe that this is not a software issue. I have been reading and there are a lot of other users who have this problem. I have seen some people mention that they reflowed or soldered. This is risky for obvious reasons. If any one has a diagram or a chip set map I can pull the mobo and see if there is a bad solder joint. I have seen repairs done before with epoxies and would be willing to try to repair so we can put up a guide. I think it's pretty lousy of samsung to put out a product and have so many come up defective after weeks or a few months of use.

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Any luck with this? I have scrubbed the internet high and low and no one seems to have a resolution to this issue. I spoke with Samsung and they would not troubleshoot out of warranty products. I was wondering if it could be a loose wifi and/or Bluetooth antenna however I do not know where it is located on the board since there is no internal part map anywhere. Any help is appreciated.

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It seems to be an issue with the IC chip associated with the Wifi and Bluetooth. Soldering off the chip and re-balling and or replacing has shown the most success for a lot of owners.

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Any info on where that chip is located on the motherboard? I've searched for a layout to no end.

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Hi @adesimone85,

Found this info that 'might' be helpful, (if not apologies). See if you can locate the chip by the designation on it (See link hopefully yours used the same chip and not another brand)

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