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Screen is just black, no backlight

So a little puddle of my cuppa tea went on the top right of my keyboard. I've had it sitting upside down with the screen open for two days to try to drain it. I've taken it to a repair shop, they quoted me £350 for a new screen. The screen isn't lit up at all, neither is the apple on the back, I have to shine a torch to see what I'm doing on it.

I've read about it could be a fuse that has blown? Could anyone direct me to this fuse, or give me any other suggestions.



Update. I THINK I may have found the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

So you can see a pin on the cable has burnt out. I'm guessing this is to the backlight?

Would anyone give me some info on this pin and the connector? How difficult is it to change? I mean, there's no harm in trying before getting a new screen right?

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Hi Jordan,

Liquid damage repair is needed for your Mac.

1st and most importantly to stop and remove any potential corrosion from eating away at traces and other components on the board, and causing more failures in the future.

Only then can your "no back-light after a liquid spill" problem be addressed. This may require replacing a "fuse" which is soldered to the board and not user replaceable without proper tools and techniques - at the risk of completely ruining your board. Other culprits can be other components of the back-light circuit, the board connector, the screen cable. It rarely is the screen itself, but replacing the cable is not an easy task either and some people choose to just replace the whole screen assembly.

If you need someone with experience to perform this repair, look up my profile, there's a link to a website with technicians that can handle this task. Many of them do Macs and most accept mail-in.

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