An all-new Passat, based on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, was launched in 1998 in North America.

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The switch of the up and down headlights

I have a turn switch to change the height of my headlights but the lights don't respont any more.

Who can help me.?

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The problem was, both of my low beams went out at once. I took them out and the 11/2 yr. bulbs seemed fine.One evening my son came by and pulled out the bulbs and they looked good but had a very light haze,we went ahead and replaced them and they work fine,it's awkward they went out at the same time. Thanks for your help

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Since you are talking about the adjusters, not the high-low beam I originally assumed below, here is some info on that if you have the Xenon lamps.

There is a computer control that has to be disabled via a diagnostic tool before adjusting the headlights.

Hope that helps!


The high/low switch is part of a combination switch that also controls the blinkers and cruise control if you have it.

I do not have any experience working on your vehicle type, but I have replaced them on others. It clamps around the steering column, which on many vehicles is difficult to access for service (for anti-theft reasons).

Here is a link to one for sale (may not fit your exact car depending on options, but will be very similar).

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thanks for your help but the problem is the headlight alignment adjust switch.

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lost my low beams on my 2004 vw passat 1.8 turbo. fuses, bulbs , high beam,running lights ,fog lights are fine. replaced my light off/on fog switch.

light switch & wondering about ordering blinker switch but mine works fine...i just want my low beams. please help if you can,newly divorced at 50 and cant afford a mechanic right now .thanks

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also wondered about the relay but i cant find the number to so stumped any help would be appreciated.

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@vickie97471 If you post this as its own question you'll get more responses

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@vickie97471 what happens when you use the hi low beam switch if you hold it and not release it when going down to low beam from high beam, do the lights work then?

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