The HP Chromebook 14 is a variant of the Google Chromebook line released September 11, 2013. Model number is 14-Q010DX.

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Why is my screen blank?

I had some Chrome OS defective notices pop up all of a sudden. It required me to use the Chrome OS recovery utility to create a USB Recovery drive to re-install the OS. It worked, and things went back to normal...for a little while. Then the Chrome OS defective issue popped up and got fixed several more times, until finally...the screen would stay blank when the Chromebook was powered on. I could still hear the fan running, and see all the usual lights, like power on indicator light, etc.

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Ultimately, purchasing a new 16GB SSD for $17 on ebay solved the problem and now the machine is running perfectly!

I didn't use the exact same brand that was in there, because this other one was the cheapest. Here's the title of the ebay posting I purchased the part from:

16GB SSD Hard Drive LSS-16L6G-HP 735314-001 HP 14-Q010NR Genuine (A01)

In the computer the part is mounted on the motherboard and underneath the motherboard, as you'll see when following one of the already available guides.

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good.:) from'love heaven' thats my name

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