Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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got a new iPod

how do i get the music from my old ipod onto my new ipod

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It should all be on your computer, just plug it in and run through the set up.

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- but if you have music on your (old) iPod, that isn't on your computer, iTunes will ask if you want to copy it (back) to your computer. Once you've done that you connect your new iPod and set it up.

I'm almost sure there is no way to transfere directly form one iPod to another.

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"Most of my family members and friends have an iPod Touch at hand and it is great for us to enjoy music. Sometimes it is expensive for us to purchase music from iTunes so we are trying to find out a cost-effective way for extensive music sharing. Is there a way for us to get music off iPod and transfer music from iPod to iPod, so that we can share music files on each iPod?"

Nowadays more and more people are inclined to adopt iPod for music enjoying, but music purchasing does cost you a lot. You might want to transfer songs that are not only available on your iPod, or you may want to copy music from iPod belongs to others to your iPod. Under this circumstance, you need to use an iPod to iPod Transfer.

And here comes with Leawo iTransfer, the best iPod to iPod Transfer ever to help you achieve iPod to iPod transferring. Besides transferring iPod to iPod, it also supports to transfer among iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes and PC, that is to say, you can make full use of these software to share media files on any iOS devices, iTunes and computer. Just download iPod to iPod Transfer with ease and start to transfer music from iPod to iPod via the following simple guide step by step.

1.Link iPod to PC

Before you activate the program, you have to connect all your iPods to your computer with USB cable. Then get iPod to iPod Tranfer started, and all iPod media sources will be automatically checked by the software. Unfold the each source item and get to the details.

2.Select Files for Transfer

In this step you are going to choose media files for iPod Transfer. In order to transfer music from iPod to iPod, you have to firstly get music off iPod. That is to say, you have to position the target files for iPod to iPod transferring. There are three ways available for you:

1). AutoFilter: through which you can sort out the files that are excluded in the iPod you want to transfer to, in case of reduplicative transferring.

2). Choose the wanted files under different file showing ways: Show as list & Show as cover.

3). Manual Filter: add file keywords to the searching box and you can get access to your required files at once.

3.Copy Music from iPod to iPod

Since all target files have been sorted out, you are permitted to transfer music from iPod to iPod. Three easy ways prepared for your options:

1). Direct drag-and-drop: you are able to drag music files from one iPod device to another iPod device.

2). Right Click: you are enabled to copy music from iPod to iPod by right clicking on the selected music files and "Transfer to" the target iPod.

3). Transfer button: tab on the button and you will get a pop-up window which allow you to choose the target for transferring, you can also save the files to your computer folder.

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPod?

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