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The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone 7.5-powered smartphone with 4G LTE support and a ClearBlack AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

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Can I change this flex?

Hi there, look, i've bought a nokia lumia 900 screen (all), but when i was trying to change it with the broken one, i accidentally broke the digitizer flex, so the screen works, but not the search, windows and back buttons.. is there any possibility to change only that thing (that entire flex, or module) with the screen that is broken? in the broken screen those 3 buttons are working fine..


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Sure, but it would cost a fortune to repair a flex cable as a very expensive machine would be required to do this.

You're better off buying a new LCD + Digitizer. But if the glass can be easily replaceable withot damaging the LCD when separating the glass the. You can replace just the Digitizer.

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thanks! but now i've found that in some sites, they sell the navigation flex. I mean, if they sell it, it can change it, only that thing.. but, i dont know how to remove that, because in the broken one, all that "navigation flex cable" is perfect, and in the new one is broken.. sorry for my english, if you want i can send you some pictures..

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