The BLU Life XL can be identified by its model number: L050U. This smartphone was released January 2016, has a octa/quad core processor, Wi-Fi capability and a 13 mega-pixel rear facing camera.

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How do I increase the volume on the phone calls and speaker?

the volume on the ringtone and notifications ia ok and i know how to control it. when i get or make a call i am unable to increase the volume on the phone and speaker.

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When in the home screen press the volume rocker up or down, you'll see a volume menu, there should be an icon just to the right that will expand a menu and there you will find a list of volume levels.

To change the in-call volume, use the volume rocker, while taking a call.

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It did not work - followed instructions

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How do I increase the volume on incoming calls on my I phone

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My icon on the volume popup to expand volume control options has completely disappeared, why, and how do I get it back, because If in a app or phone call now volume buttons only adjust alarm volume?

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