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3DS XL turns off when pressed in a certain place or knocked/nudged?


I've been having this problem for a while now, but only just thought to ask a question about it.

So I have a 3DS XL which was bought for me on Christmas day, 2013.

I was forever dropping it (Bare in mind that I was 8 or 9 at the time) but I never thought anything would happen.

Now here's the problem, sometimes when I accidentally knock the screen or the whole system, it turns off - but there's also another thing. If I press (Gently or hard it doesn't matter) the WHOLE system just turns off too. It bothers me as it resets the date and time at the same time.

Now I can avoid the problem by not knocking it or touching the area, I would just like an explanation of why that's happening.

Thank you for reading.

P.S: I know it probably doesn't matter but one screen is darker than the other.

Picture(s) of the area I can't touch or it'll turn off:

*Click Here*

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Okay, from the sounds of it, you've either got a faulty ribbon on your lower LCD or you've got some bad solder points in that area. My guess is the 1st one.

You can trouble shoot this by disassembling your bottom section to the point where the LCD is sitting free. You'll need to have the battery in place too so seating the board back into that ½ of the housing could help. Once you can power it on with the LCD free, try titling it's position a bit and touching that same area. Also moving the LCD from an altered position to it's "sitting" position may provide similar results of it shutting down. If this is the case, you'll need a new LCD.

If the LCD is free and you're not getting those results, check the PCB (printed circuit board) in that area for bad solder points or traces. From there, you may need to resolder something or bridge a burnt out trace.

Hope these suggestions help get your machine up and running again.

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I had a similar problem with a NDS Lite that I started repairing (it was the first one I started on so errors were made) and when I touched in about the same area, the entire system would short out and shut down. So from what I've learned via trial and error and watching videos from RetroGameTech is that either:

  1. Your lower LCD has a short in the ribbon somewhere
  2. The PCB possibly has a damaged trace in that area. You'll want to inspect that to see if there are any burnt or odd markings in there.

I have a feeling it's probably a faulty lower LCD though. How you can test it is by dismantling the lower section and put it all back together without the middle housing. Put the back on and pop the battery in and then turn it on, shift the LCD just a bit and see if moving it around shuts it down as well or touching it in that area.

If it turns out the PCB has broken traces and such, you'll either need to bridge those areas with solder or possibly run some wiring to both ends.

I hope these help you out.

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