The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer.

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not picking up paper

it's not picking up the paper to print. Mine is a HP inkjet 6500A. The answers I found in this page was for Canon printer. What should I do? If I can't fix it myself, is there a HP inkjet printer repair location in San Antonio?

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there is a gear that breaks that drives the paper pickup rollers. the gear actually splits. i have glued it on the shaft and works fine. Its just a really big messy job

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Estimado yo tambien tenia el mismo problema, la falla era en uno de los engranajes de el sistema de alimentacion de papel , lo pegue y se soluciono . Te puedo mandar fotos del engranaje

Espero te pueda servir

en la imagen puse un espejo desde la bandeja para poder mostrar el engranaje .

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Explica mejor como es que lo pegaste y como lograste llegar hasta ese engranaje

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Here is a translation, thx to Google translate

Dear I also had the same problem, the fault was in one of the gears of the paper feed system, paste it and solve. Can I send you photos of the gear?

I hope I can serve you

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