Will a 2012 Mac Mini logic board fit in a 2010 model?

I am thinking about building/cannibalizing a Mac Mini(s) in order to make one functional Mac Mini with the 2.6Ghz i7 Quad Core Logic board AND optical drive in a 2010 model shell. I am aware of the inherent difficulties in such an endeavor. I've seen various posts stating they've done a 2010 - 2011/2012 model swap, but my main question is whether the 2.6 quad i7 will fit in a 2010 shell along with an optical drive. I've only seen a few low quality pictures of the logic board itself, and it appears to have large heat sinks that take up quite a bit of space compared to other boards. Price being barred of course (this is as much a project for me, as it is for the final product).

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