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Phillips screwdriving not working in screw holes

Has anyone else had this problem? This is my second 1st gen ipod im fixing and I have run into the same problem as last time, the screws holding the logic board in place (ones near the anntena) arn't working with the phillips screwdriver in the opening tools set.

Any solutions to this and is there a way to avoid it in the furture?

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You may be using to large a bit and it's not going all the way down into the screw.

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Well I am using the screwdriver that comes with the opening tools, so you know the screw size for ipod touch's thats are 1st gen?

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I have found a solution that works very well for this problem, hit the top of the screwdriving while ontop of the screw about 5 times with a heavy hammer, makes the screwhead bigger and works perfectly with the screwdriver

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