Stator replacement on the FA50

Just picked up a new project the other day. I am going through it, getting ready to order the parts that it needs. My questions are as follows:

1. The stator cover is off, and this is where the stator is supposed to be. The coil was jb welded to the case, with a magnet sitting on this "flywheel". Is this something that can be undone, and the oem stator put back in?

2. There isn't an oil tank under the seat, so I don't know the diagram of where the hoses go to the pump.

If anyone can help out with these questions, I would be extremely appreciative.


[<iframe width="480" height="360" src="></iframe>|What is this?]

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Andy papczynski not sure what you are linking to. Attach whatever it is to your question. Use this guide 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기 for that.

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