Considered one of Sony's best smartphones, the Xperia Z Ultra is a 'phablet' style device released in 2013.

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Phone starts charging but stops and starts a few seconds later

I plug my Xperia Z ultra into the wall socket for charging and it starts to charge but after a few minutes it starts beeping "the plug in to charge sound" and doesn't charge. The battery is good I think, because the small amount it does charge holds a very long time. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem - I thought it may be a charger connection problem but when I wiggle the cable it makes absolutely no difference. I love the phone always been a good one but this.

So I switched the phone off, plugged it into the charger and it started draining the battery, yeah, the charge went backwards, I got it to 46% and it drained (over an hour) down to 18% before I realized what was happening.

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It sounds like the power nub (the thing that plugs into the wall) is going bad, android phones refuse to charge from "dirty power" sources so get a new power nub one that's not from some bin in Walmart or something and it will be better if you get one that is 2.1A

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i got the exact same problem for the past months....on my doogee y6 max. The phone needed magic to charge . I had to place it in such a way that the phones weight would apply force to the usb connection and in a certain angle upside down sometimes it would charge. Finally it lost that as well and went dead like a brick.

Send it to a repair store and got it back today actually....

The technician said the following...."i changed the usb .....charged it but it doesn't hold the charge and every few hours to 4 hours max it discharges....Its not the battery since we tested it and the battery seems fine, its not the usb since we changed it, so it must have something to do with the plaquette of the mainboard."

"somehow in a specific part of the mainboard there is an issue that drains the battery and doesn't allow it to fully charge"

Thats what the technicial said.....

Now either the tech shop are a bunch of noobs or my mainboard has an issue as they say.....

The phone came back and i plug it in a barnd new 4 hub usb plug with new usb cables and still charges for 4~6sec then stops.....STILL LOOKING FOR A WAY TO FIX THIS

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I just plugged my phone to my ps4 instead of my adaptive Samsung charging block and now it's still charging it use to show charging for 1 second and stop but it looks like it was my wall plug part of the charger

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