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Repair guides for the HP Compaq 6910p.

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How to Format an HP Computer to an New Stage

How can I Format an HP C6910p Computer? My Window enter into an error, when the electricity was switch from power 1 to power 2. for this reason I want to format the entire Computer, to reinstall window, right now my internet is not responding, and some of window program like window help and support, and some other program are all in error.

If there is any solution instill of formatting, please help me. I'm get it very difficult to operate my computer. Thanks To All.

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Just make a Windows install USB and plug it into the computer when it is off, then as the computer is booting you need to go into the bios (it's different from computer to computer but it should say on the screen something like "f12 bios" or something, you may have to look it up, also there are more steps if you are running win 10) and in the bios make the boot priority the USB, now when it boots from the USB you should be able to install Windows from scratch and format the disc, you can also try repairing the windows that is broken on the computer, when you are don't installing Windows go back into the bios and change the boot priority back to the hard drive...

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