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Problems with Kenwood Excelon KDC-X789 ejecting CD

I bought this head unit on an online auction site that shall not be named; it's immaterial. I got a good deal on it because the eject function is a bit dodgy. Sometimes it will spit it out all the way, sometimes halfway, sometimes I have to cycle it several times for it to do anything. The eject motor is running when I do it, it just seems as if it's not getting traction on the disc. Can anyone help me out here?

It's not limited to only one disc, and sometimes it will spit one particular disc out, and sometimes the same disc will get stuck, as it were.

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david are you still wanting help with this problem? it seems to have become dormant but if you'd still like help there are lots of people here able to give advice, please ignore mr silly...

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Actually, I ended up selling the car that this head unit was in. However, I'd be interested to hear how to do it anyway since I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this problem, and I may encounter it again. Thanks for your reply!

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Hello David I have used Deoxit d5 in the past and just recently to be quite honest for this problem.

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From your question we know:

1) The problems you are experiencing with the cd eject vary.

A) Sometimes works as it should

B) Sometimes the cd will only eject 1/2 way.

C) Sometimes the cd will not eject properly or improperly without multiple attempts.

D) Any given cd will show all the above symptoms. So it is probably not related to a bad cd.

This model has a motorized detachable faceplate. The problems you are describing seem to surround around that sitting properly. If it is not sitting properly it will prevent CDs from ejecting and/or fully exiting Page 19 of the owners manual describes the proper procedure for attaching the front plate. This includes pushing the angle alignment button for at least 1 second. The owners manual can be acquired here in the PDF format for free.

Page 58 describes screwing the faceplate to the head, with 1 screw. If this was done without properly adjusting/aligning the faceplate to the head then the screw will need removed for proper alignment and then fastened with the screw again.

Pages 56, 57 and 58 cover the proper installation which impliedly requires truing up the head with the frame/casing. If the head is not installed properly it is possible that the faceplate movement may be restricted and not be able to be properly adjusted.

Page 61 of the owners manual list the following error codes that should be seen if the problem was related to a malfunction of the mechanism and not the CD hanging on the faceplate.

Error 77: The unit is malfunctioning for some reason.

➪ Press the reset button on the unit. If

the "Error 77" code does not disappear,

consult your nearest service center.

Mecha Error: Something is wrong with the disc

magazine. Or the unit is malfunctioning for

some reason.

➪ Check the disc magazine. And then

press the reset button on the unit. If the

"Mecha Error" code does not disappear,

consult your nearest service center.

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+ for the research

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i have the same deck , and when press the src to play radio or a cd, it shuts off, can someone help me thanks

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hello people

I have the same problem but on a fomoco head unit so any help would be great>

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