Is it worth investing in an online course for mobiles and tablets?

I've been considering investing in an online course to repair mobile phones and tablets, as it's inconvenient for me to attend a class due to commitments, and of course of the expense of attending a class. I would like to add a mobile phone, tablet and console repair business to my computer repair business I am currently running from home.

Will it be worth investing in a course, or will I be better off with the repair guides on here? Also, on the courses I have found they includes a bundle of unlocking software, is there anything on here that can provide that kind of information?


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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Hi Neo,

I've done similar to what you've done, added cell/tablet/console repair to my PC repairs I do on the side. I started cold with phone repair fixing the screen for a co-workers Galaxy S3. From there, I was able to repair just about anything watching youtube videos and eventually finding my way here to I never took any classes on it as I didn't find it necessary. The best experience for this will come from real training. In regards to the unlocking software, that stuff doesn't sound legit. What do they propose they can unlock? If it's iPhones, forget it, that software is unlockable unless you hold the keys to the driver's seat.

My suggestion: stick to the free stuff, it'll payout faster in the end. Anything you need to "unlock" or flash can be found on the web with some diligent searching. Stay away from this "course" as it'll probably not teach you anything you don't already know or couldn't figure out on your own.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply, and for your advice.

I would assume the unlocking of iPhones, and other mobile phones, will be from their carriers so that they will be able to use them on other networks. Something that can be achieved in mobile phone repair shops over here in the UK , and something I thought would be useful to know how to do.

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Ah, didn't realise you were over in the UK. From what I've observed in the USA, anyone that wants to unlock their phones needs to deal with their provider directly, making sure they don't owe any money on their account and that the account is in good standings. Once that is done, then an unlock code will be given to the "owner" of the phone (do we ever really own these devices anyways?).

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