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Right side of screen broken with white stripes


so basically I dropped my phone and now the screen has several white stripes reaching from top to bottom on the right side of the screen. I don't have AppleCare and my warranty has expired already. I read somewhere on this site about checking the connectors by opening the phone, etc. Would that work out for me? And if yes, could somebody please tell me how exactly I am gonna do that?

Also I rebooted my phone, thinking it would do something. But now I can't use TouchID to unlock my phone, which results in me failing to be able to backup my phone via iTunes.

Thanks in advance


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I've fixed plenty of these common problems from an iPhone fall. Basically the LCD is busted/shot/dead and regardless of reseating the ribbons, it won't help (you can still try though). The best way to fix this is just buy a replacement assembly off eBay and make the fix yourself (currently a replacement assembly is about $40-45 or so). Make sure the kit you get has the tools you'll need. They generally always come with a kit and make sure you have a decent set of tweezers.

One HUGE word of advice/warning when you decide to open up the 5S, be very slow and careful as you do NOT want to rip the home button ribbon. That thing is fragile and delicate. With that warning you're going to follow this guide: iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

Good luck, take your time and be patient with it.

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