Polaroid Sun 600 LMS instant camera. Released 1983.

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Film exit dust cover

Hi, I have a Polaroid Sun 600 LMS. Where the film exitis there used to be what I'll call a dust cover strip it looked like a piece of film or a thin plastic strip. Mine is torn off. Will this camera work ok without this ? or do I need to replace it if so can I get this part and install it ? Thank You RJ

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I have a few Polaroids, and the little strip you are describing is both a dust cover and a light blocker.

A quick patch is to use a strip of black cardboard, the kind used for posters, or a strip cut from black plastic food packaging, like the trays from take-out chicken.

Use a strip of black electrical tape as a hinge.

Let the new strip hang in front of the film exit slot.

If you let the electrical tape extend over the very top edges of the strip, it will stay closed and only bend out when the print ejects.

Best wishes and have fun with this wonderful vintage camera.

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If you have a disfunctional Non-Folding Polaroid Camera (all models with square format use the same spare part) you can replace the torn "frog´s tongue" with a good one. The part ist held in place with a plastic retainer which can be unlocked from the insede. You see the locking tabs just behind the roller assembly. The most practical way is to remove the housing part from the roller assy by pushing it downwards beneath the rollers thus unlocking 2 metal tabs keeping the housing in place, thenmoving it forward away from the rollers. Then you can easily remove the Light Shield Retainer and excange the defetive one for a good unit. Reverse these procedures toremount the housing.


Further to my answer of jan 28 i found out that "impossible" https://www.the-impossible-project.com/ now offers replacement Light Shields of somewhat longer dimensions. This new part will protect the emerging pictures for any time the user deems necessary, it does not jump back at the end of the Ejection Cycle.

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Yes you need that part for a number of reasons including but not limited to keeping light out, preventing dust from getting in and spreading the developing solution. A plethora of this model of camera can be found on eBay for under $20.00 including shipping. There is something special about owning a Polaroid and watching the film develop in front of your eyes that the digital camera just can't replace. Since Polaroid no longer supports this model of camera. The most economical and feasible solution here is replacement of the whole camera with a like model. This will allow you to continue to own and operate a Polaroid and have some spare parts back for future repairs.

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