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Galaxy SIII를위한 예산 동반자 휴대폰, Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 미니, Samsung Galaxy S III 더. NFC가 포함 된 Samsung I8190N Galaxy S III mini로 제공됩니다. 모델 번호 GT-i8190으로 식별 가능.

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Why Does My Battery Go Down So Quickly?

My Galaxy S3 Mini that my dad gave me yesterday after upgrading doesn't last more than two hours. It has been running strong for almost three years and now once it's factory reset it just went "fu©k this sh¡t" and started draining quickly. It charges relatively fast but can't stand consistent plugging. Please help!

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Probably the update makes your phone use more background processes, or the updated OS is too much for the phone's hardware capacity. Also, you can try replacing the battery, it might be near its end of life. If nothing works, you can downgrade the phone's software, there're plenty of tutorials on youtube, or guides on google that can help you do it.

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Sounds like a bad battery to me. Better get it replaced first.

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