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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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How to replace battery

i bought my jbl xtreme decemeber 2015. my problem is it keeps going on off and on within plays even on full charge. recently however even on full charge it doesn't last an hour. I've been to too many forums and i haven't seen any1 share the same problem as me. am i alone?

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I am having the same issue and I am not sure what the problem is. I am assuming it is the battery.

Have you been able to solve problem or even discovered where the problem is coming from ?

I have the same issue

i was able to take out the battery.. it looks fine(not that I'm an expert) but i think it started after i updated my xtreme (also not certain) . did u find an a solution?

Hie...I bot xtreme In June 2016... and the problem that if I plug it for charging....it gets on....if I unplug ..Den it gets off....

did u try to update it? I'm beginning to think it must have started after i updated it but I'm not sure. hopefully we get an answer to this soon

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First off im from germany, so i apologise for my bad english in advance.

I recently had the issue that the battery was running shorter and shorter and in addition to that, the unit went off with a loud knocking sound.

So i opened the xtreme.

I removed the totally debalanced battery.

Its a 2 cell battery, one cell was at 3.29V and the other one at 4.26V!!! overcharged.

My guessing is that the circuit board from the battery was faulty and it was not balancing the battery cells, but i dont know if the board is designed to balance.

But i found a bad solder spot also, so who knows.

The good news is, 18650 cells fit barely.

I spotwelded 4 sony 18650V3 (drift free) cells together as a 2s2p pack and threw the original battery circuit board together with the old battery in the trash.

The sony cells wont need a bms board, i use them for years in ebikes, they dont drift.

I was a bit concerned that the xtreme would not boot up without the battery board but it did.

You can also swap the original battery but these 18650 cells are way better in therms of quality and long time stability.

Another problem is that i didnt found the original battery in europe, so i need to order it from china.......too much time.

You get these 18650 cells everywhere.

The xtreme is playing while im writing this......... ;-)


The unit wont charge without the circuit board from the original battery.

The internal charger checks the temp probe which is on the board from the battery.

But its quite easy, just give the charger a ~10k Ohm resistor between the minus from the battery and the temp cable coming from the connector.

My xtreme is charging now.

Next step is tune it up with 3500 mAh 18650 cells.

With my old 2250 ones the xtreme was playing the whole night, so i guess with new 3500mAh cells this thing will run way longer.

Also i will try to extend the base/foot/pedestal for 20mm so a whole pack of 18650 cells will fit underneath the unit.

I just need to get a cable to the outside and isolate it to get it airtight.

With this the xtreme will run half a week i guess.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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do you have drawing how is put inside 18650 batterys? with wire connection?

original have 5 wire?

Hi dear can i use old bms with 18650 batterys ? With out bms batterys may be over charged and exploded and its denger my friend

As i wrote before there are drift free cells on the market, you dont need a bms with these.

Yes you can also use the old bms, mine was faulty.

Thanx for your reply, how i can find that my old bms is faulty?can you send me som pics of your work?

Yes pictures of your work with battery if you can

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If anyone is still looking - the OEM battery is a GREATPOWER GSP0931134 7.4v

I was unable to find a replacement, or a suitable Lithium Polymer alternative, so I decided to give the 18650s a go like sebatianmeyer1 recommended. I am attempting to use the factory BMS board, and will post my results as a guide for others.

EDIT #1:

This is how I wired the batteries:

Block Image

I am using the original BMS board, and Sony VTC6 3000mah batteries that I purchased from imrbatteries.com (there is a lot of concern with fake Sony 18650 batteries and they seem legitimate). The unit now charges and functions great! Haven't tested runtime of the batteries yet because of my issue below.

I made a major mistake - to get the batteries to fit after my hefty coating of electrical tape, I had the brilliant idea to remove the firewall from the clear plastic cover thinking it was for water resistance only - big mistake!!! Do not do this, as it also seals the air for the woofers to function correctly. Air now flows out the ports and the bass muffles. I put a red line on the image below for reference. I am now figuring out a way to seal it back up, thinking of pumping silicone or hot glue in there..

Block Image

I am no expert, so if someone finds an issue with this method please let me know!

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hi one problem of your wiring is that 2 of batteries is in parallel with no protection i have one question that there is not enough space fore 18650 batteries?

hello could you help me, it's correct to put the batteries in parallel, the architecture connecting 3.7 parallel with 3.7 only give 3.7 v and double current and serial with the same arrange give a 7.4 v and double current, or both batteries in series give 14.8 volts, what is the correct arrange, sorry with my bad english.

The way I did it - I made two "packs" of batteries in parallel (3.7v), then the BMS board puts them in a series using the BM pads for a final voltage of 7.4v. Each pack consists of two 18650 batteries in parallel, so each pack has a voltage of 3.7v. When you connect the two packs to the board like I illustrated, you end up with 7.4v because the board connects the two packs in a series.

Hi uuufo !

After trying to replace the JBL original battery with lithium ion 18650 a size problem occur. 18650 size is 18 X 65 mm. The original JBL battery is 146 X 34.5 mm. This means that the length is OK but, width of two 18650 size is 1.5 mm bigger that the JBL original GSP0931134. The battery compartment of Xtreme don't allow this increase of 1.5mm in width size. Apparently you have solved this by removing plastic wall but this result in acoustic problem with bass.

I don't see a solution this way. Please keep us posted with news.


They would fit if you don't put a lot of tape/shrink wrap on them. I repaired the wall using some flexible plastic (like a dvd case or something similar) cut to size and siliconed in to place. I would recommend not cutting the wall if you don't have to. Because the 18650 are round, they fit ok even with 1.5mm difference. The door would close completely before I put too much electrical tape on the batteries!

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If anyone is still looking for help I decided to do some digging as well. I didn't want to rig up a bank of 18650 cells and resisters etc lol. So I found a battery that was similar in dimensions and hoped would fit. I got the battery and it does barely fit. It is only 4400mah (8800mah @ 3.7V) which is almost the clamed OEM battery in the Xtreme.

I wired the colors up the same and left one red off from the Xtreme. So far so good. I'm getting roughly 10-12 hours of playtime and its charging fully and shutting off automatically. My Xtreme used to charge forever and never stop and it also would only last an hour off of a charge. Anyways, I love JBL but when I contacted them they basically told me there's nothing they could do as I'm from Canada which is absurd.

Anyways, here's a link of the battery I bought and it works well.


Hope this helps for anyone still needing it.

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Thanks. I did it this way as well, using the same battery. It looks like the new pack is made from four 18mm diameter 18650 2200mAh cells (2S2P). It's slightly shorter than stock pack, but stock pack also has some useless space built into the end so actual cell volume is not all that different. The battery leads are quite a bit smaller than stock and there's only one red wire so load on that one will be higher, but it seems to get the job done just fine. I added a wrap and a half of tan stretchy medical bandage wrap (from Walgreens) to the cell to provide padding, and provide some grip so it wouldn't slide around in the battery space.

One thing I don't see mentioned in most of these teardown vids is that there are fine rubber seals around edges of the clear battery cover, and around the edges of the passive radiator cover. Make sure those strips are fully seated in their slots before you reassemble. This unit is meant to be totally air tight.

could you advice me ? i bought the polycom battery but the jbl wont charge :-( i connected the wires bij your method..

Hi, Could you add a wiring diagram?

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Hello guys. Maybe someone of you had problem with soldering 2of4 bms plates. So as you see i'm too had this problem and i solved it. I want to share my solution. So after few hours try soldering my wires i got idea. I took female connectors and i made some kind space which i can soldering and it will be

to conduct electricity. I it works. My battery again is charging 3.5 hours. I add pictures with my solution this problem. So about battery which i used it was 4xSONY US18650VTC5 2600mAh. At the pictures you will see about what i'm talking .

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (05/02/2017)

So about how to make this connector.

First you must clean it in something (in my case it was alcohol).

And rest you have on my pictures, but you have to be carefull during grind this connector. It is realy gnetle. I destroyed 10 of this connectors before i make 2 proper. And to make proper shape of this connector i used thin screwdriver.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

And about broken bms, you can avoid it but you have to buy battery like that (protected battery) http://www.bto.pl/produkt/43723/kp-icr18...

But then it will be bigger problem with put it in.And then you have to use 10k ohm resistor, only then.

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That's the same issue I'm having, Dave. Not sure how you solved it exactly. Did you open up the female connector and cut pieces of, before bending it around the BMS? I've had the same issue with the soldering. Today I was sanding down the connection and was able to solder it, but without succes. The is no power coming from the BMS connector. Not sure what is wrong. Could still be the soldering.

Could I have damaged the BMS by soldering too long and making it too hot? If so, how can I solve this? Can I buy a new BMS? The mentioned option of adding a 10 Ohm resistor, doesn't seem a very safe option, or am I wrong? Can I measure something on the BMS to test it?

hmm, nobody? Then I've probably now ruined my JBL from a 30 min battery operated model to a 0 min operated model :(. Anything else I can try? Where can I find a replacement OEM battery? Does anybody have a direct link to Aliexpress or other source?

Thanks Dave for adding more details. As I mentioned in another comment (above today), I was able to solder the wires to the BMS, but the trick was to sand down the connectors in the BMS really well and sand down the tip of the solder gun. That did the trick.

OK. Got it. Battery Management System. So I would only need the "protected batteries" & the Ohm resistor only if the BMS is broken.

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Pls can you do a video of the entire process pls would be very much appreciated. akhihbedavid18@gmail.com send me a link to this email tanks

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