Digitizer lines are overwhelming

I bought a replacement iFixit digitizer screen and it is unusable be because of the lines. Do you carry any other quality replacement screens for this iPad or is it a hit and mess with quality. Obviously was not even close to OEN. UNUSABLE. thankfully I turned it on before gluing it down and realized it was a mess of lines

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Did you make sure to peel off the temporary plastic screen protector cover under the digitizer?

What do you meany by the lines? Are you talking about the digitizer grid array lines on the digitizer or the LCD showing lines?

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Did you have lines on the screen before replacing the digitizer? Did you only replace the digitizer or the whole display? Did you replace the digitizer because the touch functionality of the display was not working properly? The digitizer does not display an image or lines if faulty. If you have a faulty digitizer either the touch functionality does not work at all or it does not work properly. If you are experiencing lines on the display when turned on you likely have an issue with the LCD or it's connection.

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