The first generation Audi A4 debuted in October 1994. The 1995-2001 A4 was built on the Volkswagen B5 platform.

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Getting open circuit for my fuel injectors 1thru 6?

1998 Audi A4 2.8L: No misfires. Ohms on injector are fine fuel pump is good.

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Are those the obd codes you are getting (p1237-P1242)? Maybe the fuel pump relay? Does it run then? Is there anything you notice about how it runs? Maybe a lag when you hit the gas, or bad gas mileage? Have you checked the fuel pressure?

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It is running well. I dont have the tools to check fuel pressure. No lag iam think fuel relay

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I thought of another check, you probably already did this though. Measure the resistance to ground on any of the fuel injector connector ground pins. It sounds like if that is even 2 Ohms (I picked that number out of the air), you will get that code. And the ECM should compensate for it by sending more power through, thus having no noticeable decrease in performance.

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