Clean LCD screen after glass removal

Hi everybody,

maybe some of you could help me.

I do LCD refurbishing as a living, I've all the equipment to do OCA and LOCA repair but still there's one thing I don't understand.

After I separated the broken glass from the working LCD I remove the polarizer on the iPhone series, I use a contact cleaner spray to remove all the glue residue left on the screen and then here's the problem: the display is perfect, all clean with no glue spots left, the only problem is that if I look through the light I see a lot of streaks left from the contact cleaner.

I then used pure isopropyl alcohol to clean the LCD but still If I use the light I see little streaks. I use the famous cleaningroom wipes and I spray on the cloth and then gently wipe across all the screen.

Could you please help me? I hate seeing streaks left on the LCD before applying new polarizer and then OCA.

I don't have a cleanroom environment but I don't think that would be the problem.

Thanks in advance


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