Enters DFU whenever the Screen goes of/blank

I been working around to find a mysterious observation of on IPhone6+ it always goes to DFU whenever the screen is off..

wen I plug it to iTunes it report being in

Block Image

and when I try to restore to there is a strange message of

Block Image

thou I am on the latest version of ITunes and have tried many differing PC and even on Mac

I have been trying this for almost five days now sometime key combination exit the phone from the DFU but as soon as the screen goes off or locked it goes back to the mode.... I downloaded a fresh copy of the software to restore using the shift but report of incompatible ....thou I have used same downloaded software to successfully restore another Iphone6+ with no error just to makes sure..

any idea from you Genius?

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What is the history of this phone? I think there is most likely component / ic chip logic board damage from what I'm hearing.

I'd try unplugging the battery, then charger port, front camera ribbon cable, rear camera and then plug the battery back in and try turning it on again and see if it still does the same thing with the no display issue.

Does the apple logo display at all?

it was a newly bough and I have tried unplugging the battery connector only but not the rest of the component .. and it be have the same way...

and when I plug to pc without the battery connected the phone still detect to be in recovery mode

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