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모델 A1502 / 2.4, 2.6 또는 2.8 GHz 듀얼-코어 Intel 프로세서 / 2013년 10월 출시

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Help!- I need to uninstall Advanced Mac Cleaner!

Hello. Recently, and under unknown circumstances, three programs were downloaded onto my computer- Advanced Mac Cleaner, MacKeeper, and MegaBackup, all of which research has shown to be potentially fraudulent. As soon as I realized that the programs had combed through my entire computer, I deleted them by force quitting, dodging the many shady "free offer if you call this number" pop-ups, and putting them in and emptying the trash. I then used the Terminal to get rid of anything left(using Terminal>Shell>New Command, then sudo rm -rf Advanced Mac Cleaner, repeating for each program). I thought I solved my problem, but then I saw this in my "Recent Items", the uninstaller for MegaBackup was listed, along with a MegaBackup Server in the "Servers" section. How do I get rid of these plagues for good?

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Thank you very much @jimfixer . I had some help from apple support too on this one. They, also suggested malewarebites. There were still files left in my browser and in some obscure startup folders. Thanks again!

P.S. @jimfixer and @mayer I do realize phishing, viruses, malware, etc. are all very important and very serious. I don't mean to belittle that in any way.

Thanks all again!

Jack - I'd like you to un-accept this answer for a couple of weeks as I feel it is so important and people don't look at questions that are accepted. I want it up in flashing neon lights.

If it's all the same to you, I will repost this question rather than alter this one. Again, do know I completely agree with your stance. These issues are important and can compromise security, especially for people like me, who think mac computers are completely unceseptable to malware, when infact nine malware programs were installed on my computer. Thank you for your concern on the topic, and again, I will repost this question.

And every time you repost I'll merge them. You can bump the question make comments but not continue to repeat it like a virus.

I asked you to un-accept the answer so people would look at it. You choose not to. This is a very serious matter and pertinent question and will be a major issue in the future. Work with me not against me. I am a moderator on this site.

I unaccepted the answer to this question. Please know that I wasn't trying to work against you, and that I am fully willing to work with you. In retrospect, and in seeing your most recent comment, @mayer, it makes more sense to simply unaccept the answer on this post rather than repost. Again, I completely support your stance, and am willing to help you.

Thank you for understanding my mistake, and I cannot apologize enough if I came off in a manner degrading to the seriousness of this matter.

P.S. In looking at my previous post, I see how the wording could have come off in a bad manner. Again, I apologize.

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@jimfixer Jim, of course I am seeing this and so many phishing schemes everyday now and for the last couple of years. I could do a long discourse on this but tell me why you think malwarebites is the ticket.

PS I may go ahead with the discourse but it's going to take some time, I tried to address this asking a question about Plishing about four month ago, but you only made a joke about it and no real answers were given to a problem which is a very serious threat. I am seeing people every week being taken for hundreds of dollars and all their credit card and bank information stolen by these con artists. This is very serious business and some of these guys are good, most are easy to spot if you are educated about it. These are vicious criminals that prey on everyone, especially the old who are not that computer literate .

I know you and @danj - Dan only meant to be funny, but it's a real issue.

What is Phishing and is this something to be very wary of?

Class action on MacKeeper: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/08/1...





I started using Symantecs Endpoint Protection about six months ago and have installed it on about 50 machines and none have had a successful virus attack or been hit with a phishing scam yet.

Go into your library > Launch agents and Launch Daemons and trash the offenders.

Trash the app.

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@mayer I ment no disrespect on your post on phishing schemes I guess both Dan and I were sensing a light heartedness in your tone for the post if you like I'll remove my comments .As far as the malwarbytes are concerned I was recommended to the program some time ago when I was working on removing Trivo browser hijacker. I had written a small script to remove it and found out the task would have and could have been done by malwarebites . I dont work with Macs near enough to answer questions regarding Macs I try to leave them to more capable hands like you and Dan but at the time this question was going unanswered so I gave it a stab. I only recommend malwarebites because its one I know to work when when I have needed it and its free for the most part. You mentioned Symantecs, I myself have had issue with them on PC's for years there fine as long as there paid for and up to date but heaven forbid you let them expire. In my mind the anti virus business is one of the dirtiest out there

@jimfixer - absolutely no offense taken. We joke far to much for that to happen. Yes you are correct about Symantec when it expires. (email me me on this as I can't post the solution for that issue on line).

I feel this will be a major issue in the future and we do need some dialogue from the top minds as It's only going to get worse and more of a threat.

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try this


you may also want to try malwarebites for mac

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I spoke with Apple awhile after my initial issue, as I was suspicious I hadn’t completely fixed the problem. I was directed to Malwarebites which ran and found multiple Safari plugins installed by MacKeeper…

Would highly recommend malwarbites.

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here is a full removal guide how to uninstall AMC on Mac - https://nektony.com/how-to/remove-advanc...

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stark this link was to good to leave as a comment, so I moved it to answer and voted it up

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Follow these steps -

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups.
  2. Click your account (also know as Current User).
  3. Click Login Items.
  4. Look for "Advanced Mac Cleaner" entry. Select it, and click the "-" button to remove it.

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