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spark and smoke came out from the battery corner

This issue just happened to me. I was removing the battery with the ifixt opening tool as i tried to rush it and a spark and smoke came out from the battery corner where i was trying to unglue, i change the battery then with a spundger abut the phone wont turn on anymore, can anyone help me?

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Take a look around the area where you shorted out the board. see which components took a hit :-) Post some high res images of the logic board and the area specificallty. May be we can see something as well. Use this guide for that.

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Did you have the phone off before you started the repair?

No? You probably damaged the logic board. Do what @oldturkey03 says.

You did! Did you puncture your battery? Yes. You need a new battery. Buy one here.

Oh, you didnt or you think you didn't? Do what @oldturkey03 says.

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iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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