Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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How do I replace burnt out dash lite bulbs?

How do I replace burnt out dash light bulbs?

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Depending on what dash light bulb is out it may or may not be replaceable. On newer cars the bulbs can not be replaced in the dash and require the unit to be replaced (ie. if the speedometer light is out, the guage unit would have to be replaced).

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First disconnect the battery. This prevents shorting out clock when the bulb assembly is removed/replaced.

1. Use thin putty knife to remove facia over radio. On 1999 Ody the heater and A/C knobs do not need to be removed.

2. Once the facia over the radio/heater is removed, remove 4 screws securing the top facia containing the a/c outlets and the 2 screws on the securing facia over the speedometer bezel. The Shift lever should be in the very down position and remember to place the emergency brake on. Also, you will need the radio code because the battery cable is removed.

3. pull the upper facia loose and you should have access to the tiny bulb assembly on the clock. Gently use screw driver to remove bulb assembly. It is not necessary to remove the upper assembly from the dash, just pull it back to where you can access the small bulb assembly on the clock (about half the size of a dime and it is plastic.

Cost of new bulb assembly about $2 at the dealer. But you can replace the bulbs with Radio Shack 272-1092; #7219 mini bulbs package comes with two. About $2.00. Just observe how the wires are fed through the small assembly before removing the bulb. The dealer's bulb comes preassembled. once you place the bulb assembly into its socket turn about 1/4 turn clockwise to secure.

Gently use screw driver to replace everything in reverse order.

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+ Impressive detail, formatting would make it easier to read though.

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Alex - Agreed and done

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Is this procedure applicable to the 2008 Dodge Ram SLT?

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How about procedure to replace the odometer lamp?

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Here's a video on how to do it:

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