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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is known by different models depending on the features. Regular model: SM-T580 (WiFi), SM-T585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in May 2016 or S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new high-end “A” series.

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Unable to access reboot menu-Brand new Tablet

Just unboxed my new Samsung Galaxy TAB A 10.1.

I power it up, enter most of my settings, get to enter my google account and my screen freezes. I let it sit for a while and perform a restart on it. Power +Down VOL.

Now im stuck at the Samsung Galaxy start up screen

It automatically restarts when I do this combo. Most of the guides I read say the device needs to be turned off. I can't turn it off. Battery does not come out and just restarts and sits on the Samsung Start up untill i do Power +Down vol and sits on samsung start up some more...

So how do i access the reboot menu if I can't turn it off?

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Very easy actually, just do the other of 3 combinations. TL;DR followed by more concise explanation on usage itself and what you get with a particular button combo, also explained details on LOOPING device or FREEZING ones, in the boot time, gaming or when alarm says "DuckDuckGo". just check out basic usage with HOME+VOLUME UP and POWER and hold all 3 even 30secs, unblocks any frozen or LOOPING device = ROM is bad and system does not like it = change it, try different one - Samsung are beloved by us programmers and developers so we tend to pull the best out of them, sometimes people forget but hey, remember the oldies like "Samsung Note II" with a Factory 4.2.2. Rom I think or was it 4.4.2. not sure and not important anymore but today I installed Android 70.1. Nougat on same oldie which works like a charm and my friend is never happier when he tested it, after all Note 2 is/was a brutal hardware equipped for the time released quad with tons of RAM = still rocks the $@$* out of the OS installed on a 1k euro overpriced devices with much less RAM and similar processor or even weaker but over-priced as iPhone X is while I write this but the "next big $@$* device made by Apple" as usual was fun to watch while going off and on, then Face Recognition showcase moments(iShitX just frozen when face-scan, croud goes lol but every single idiot pays a shitload of $ for a device that costs around 18$ in materials and working labour somewhhere near Zhen Shen Camps of Death and 12years girl on a rack assembling 20 of them in a 30min time to catch the norm and get the daily 2$bonus) but hey it's iShitX man, check me out, we had a back-pocket melting series, battery exploded in my balls series, also "iSpy OSX along and closely followed by Gates 10Win as 95 was much slower and uglier than this, at least less spyware, less BSOD if I recon well and yeah - thec actually didi have a great Console which you could actually use as a normal Terminal or OS as it was, DN and NC as file managers there vs. Windows Explorer in Win10? - Who are they kidding, anyone saw a single difference functionality from Win-95 Explorer to Win-10 Explorer that now respects your machine more than ever, no more MY COMPUTER, I'm THIS PC and I go 30 folders inside so I can back the $@$* out or go even deeper and lose where I wanna paste something I Copied at some point but hey just go with the NEW FOLDER = TEMP and Paste - aha there you are, I knew I did actually took something into clipboard but by the time I got out of the logo/bull/ProgramData/ProgramFiles/ProgramFiles x64 or even more stupid structure every next version, not sure if my grandma will wanna use it, she is already flying on xUbuntu 16.04 LTS "hey son my laptop works great after you fixed and removed THIS PC System, probably Viruses raped it or this new one is just that better and YouTube works with 3 songs in the same time, never blocks or this mice goes off, like you said it son - I really like it, specially because I never need to shut-down - WHAAAAAAT grandma I was there on holiday 6months ago, did you even restart your laptop or stayed out of battery maybe? - Naaah son, I never turn it off the adapter and I just bang the lid but I hear him by night he is doing something, I never understood why it just do not wanna shut down when I punch the lid and go quiet?" So proudly grandma on xUbuntu, mom on a classic LTS distro 16.04 Ubuntu Unity I personally dislike but she loves it so, no argue - mom always won every argue she knows $@$* about $@$*, installs TinyVNC, the RealVNC server/Client or TeamViewer from Windows to Android phone or tablet and now rocks on Unity LTS 16.04 Xenial Xeron distro sends over or just(last period she saw from me) just take a picture/screenshot of ID and pass, send it and go do her thing while you clean a yearly mess, update, tweak, whatever asked and gladly help because my mom is not ordinary but not a tech Savvy but always asks and tries to remember the procedure so she do not bother me for a same thing twice, maybe she thinks she will look stupid or some childish story behind but she never worked professionally or used PC on work, now in pension rocks on Windows 7, 8, 10 and loves the Linux enthusiasm, story behind any open-source project and encourage everyone to do whatever they enjoy doing in life, supports the idea of sharing the knowledge for free and gives me a super-powers with every single breath she takes from a country across the one I am at the moment.

So enough about Unix-alike systems vs. Windows or MacOsX and iShitX the real enlightment that can recognize me with the very intuitive security face-recognition spyware that sends it to a china basement server-farms even faster than iCurving or iBatteryxplodeYourPocket even iBallsHurts and iBend in back-pockets since i'm made but some funny hippies got me a refund and a new iStink which is a bit better - at least it stays in one shape even if it's in my backpocket, I pull it out and it's not an iCurvePhone model, as a matter of fact it even don't explode that often last few days, I reckon I must have the newest and the coolest iShitX model so everyone can see me while I walk casually and pretend I am talking to nobody on the other side while guys winks me passing thru and iShitX starts to ring - boss is mad, boys are on the ground laughing their ass out of me. Still, the newest the coolest, muct have it 1st and I heard Apple store gets them in 6days, prepared my Camping gear and a tent, gonna take door is mine-spot now, no more Linux-Minux iGoHard this time and fully packed with extended guarantee and some papers in a small box with few cables almost the same as Earphones looked 14years ago.. hmmm strange...

Back to Android topic and a 3 button combo possibilities that always works. For example it will go round and round until battery is off, loop stuck, happens to some of them but just instead of VOL- try this combination and let me know if it solved the migrena.

Firstlu click and HOLD HOME button(do not release any of them) followed by VOLUME+ and lastly press and hold POWER so HOLD all 3 for some time, may be 10-15secs sometimes just be patient because: while HOLDING this 3 in combination: HOME, VOL+ and POWER just do not release until Samsung A6 logo pops up followed by Blue background for Android Bootloader, where of course you have options like WIPE data/Factory Reset, ADB sideload or EXT SD Card install whatever you need or just REBOOT system in 2 variants: normally or Reboot into Bootloader. So solution is not easy but this device is worth every second of it and never go against your common sense, every Android Device has Factory Bootloader with Factory Reset/Wipe Data, Wipe Cache or just reboot or install something you need, recovery or other Rom if default is buggy(happened to me on old SM-T210 but just Rooted the device, installed TWRP in 1min with Odin, patched KErnel, followed by NoleKat v2.0 ROM based on a KitKat) Trust me my wife wanted to throw it and the Tablet was brand new from Sweden, still factory ROM was absolute nonsense restarting every second or turning off whenever I tap/touch the poor Galaxy Tab 3 with 7" display, soon to be used for testing over 15 Custom Roms from XDA-DEVELOPERS FORUM COMMUNITY and trust me maybe 2 did not work very well and only 1 looping on install process, almost every other for SM-T210, T-210L or T-215 worked like a charm with 4-5 different Kernel versions so, just ask and seek the answer on the right places and communities who are mostly online and develop the tools and solutions we use every day, myself one of them as well and after 2nd Samsung you will know, almost every device they make has 2-3 exact button combinations with different timing maybe but effective like old days and your device never goes loop in one place, one described solution that always unblocks any freezing or looping Samsung Tablet or phone is just default Bootloader and other one is "Download mode" when you shut it off then start it up for installing other ROM, Firmware, Kernel or Recovery or even change the factory one with TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project) or ClockworkMod and TWRP is a very useful tool in every aspect of a role one Recovery Bootloader can possibly imagine, wanna Root your device? 5sec. job, wanna delete internal rom, 5sec. want to just reinstall your Factory Rom(Original one) and update it normally over wifi after that or whatever you can possible plot to do with a Samsung tab - TWRP already has a solution for you, even a File Manager to browse internal and(yes you read this well) External SDHC or whatever EXT SD card you might want to check, install something from, format, repair - you name it but tool finished it for you in few secs, Backup Rom, System, Media or all from TWRP Bootloader, why not just select stuff click BACKUP and tel him where to Store on External SD usually but try to learn anything about a specific device and the hardware inside, architecture, capacity and possibilities when you ROOT your Android device are hmm, let's just say "different" I usually tend to explain to friends from other branch like a Factory/Rom you got it with is built for it, a ROOTED device is a device you COMPLETELY OWN and CAN ABSOLUTELY DELETE or REMOVE UNINSTALL Apps from it which usually are forbidden or just no option/way/channels to achieve it... root = you can READ but now also WRITE or DELETE anything from your internal storage where Rom resides and think of it like chains are gone from your hands and you can try your device in a much more different functionality, use it as a router, NAT or a Linux + Android device with multi-boot systems on same Internal memory(if space is not a problem and there is always a way even if not). so, just go and try new stuff, ROOT something, delete or add whatever you want whenever you want on your system/Internal Rom, do not like it - it's cool go go TWRP Recovery who never let any Andro down, install Android 2 even 3 versions newer than you ever could update your Factory Rom and see if he is happier from 4.42 on 6.0.1 Marshmallow(Old Note 2 phones are brilliant for that mater), just released Android 7 Nougat for it, testing it, acts like it's meant to work with it, factory ROM was 4.4.2. - you do the math I go to finish my A6 Samsung 10.1 some ridicuolousnes I got and the headache I get already when I read 250 different ways to ROOT 1 same device which has "E: misc/partition error" problem and ADB or Fastboot, even if I fix and have some luck to SDHC copy stuf from laptop push into Tablet, Root it, and install and test 1st Custom(normally) ROm on it or just try the newer Factory one and dload Firmware from the other day, though I managed to start it into both Bootloader Mode and Download mode but Device is just locked to Google Sync FRP protection which is even more fun and can't wait to finish the removal of it completely and ROOT it so I can do whatever I wanna do with a device I hold in my hands, hmm maybe I even install 2 Androids on it just because I can and the machine is 8-core 64-bit processor power with 32GB internal Rom and a great 10.1" UHD Display with 1920x1200 Resolution and density I don't see much last few months :) so, go go HOME, VOL+ and POWER Button combo even if it lasts for 20-30secs - it surely unblocks you from infinite LOOPS or devices that are freezing often.... Solution I suggested is usually the best in our branch, just inform yourself how to ROOT it, install TWRP and actually OWN Android Tablet or phone with no Asus or Samsung or shitless Vendor Apps you never taped or know how, who and why would one use it ever, count Boot time, see what Apps are slowing you the most, try to find a solution, maybe lighter but not worse app, reduce Widgets for faster and stable performance, always keep it updated and never be affraid to ask for advice or a solution, search for a communities that do that for living or just enthusiasm, something is job, other is just a joy and most of us Unix-alikes Android fans share same love - open source, accept and listen - actually we are boring to normal users considering Feedbacks on ROMS, Kernels or any Tools they might use and we develope on , enough said, here goes the friendly invite for all, go slowly and just read the instructions, all of this is so well explained - 6years girl is kicking a $@$* out of it and then you know your code matters and young brain is smarter today because you shared your endeavor, advice or just changed some guy's code in 3-4 lines and kindly asked him to check and see the improvement, of course Feedback is a must in our world and without it you have insufficient info on something you do because it just happens once in few years you code a Rom for 400 days and first few users bump on bug or just device incompatibility because they want 7 Nougat installed over Factory Bootloader to some Calculator-Power tab as old as my 2GB USB stick, the legendary and one and only Japanese TDK 2GB Hiren's Boot usb stick that probably survived Fukushima again and diagnosed or repaired and restored over 10.000 Hard drives in my hands but still has 2 versions before last Hiren's Boot came out, never had a feeling it needs 5 changes that came along or milion bugs and destroyed beautifully Plastic nd Blue like my toilet seat TDK USB Drive Bootable and over-used in every single word of it and every type of HDD's I grabbed and I did grab a lot's of stuff over the years but still claim that "Maxtor Power Max" is just a dimension ahead of them all 10 years ago, still share my own opinion on HDD diagnostics and tools for repair or recovery purpose, just need to be on a Generic USB stick you can Boot from any possible model of Laptop or PC device made or asembled in last 20-25 years.

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sir you saved my life

@Harry Gill

You are very welcome sir !!!

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