iPad mini 2 home button and touch stopped working after repleacement

Hi everyone!

A client brought me an iPad mini 2 that had a cracked touchscreen that still worked but it would sometimes have ghost touch, I got a few cheap iPad mini touch screens without ic and home button so I just soldered the ic and the home button.

It worked fine for a few days but then the home button stopped working completely, I tried soldering another one but still the same, it would work for a few hours and the stop working. I have repleaced the touchscreen several times with different ic chips and home buttons but so far no luck. It's always the same, it works fine for a few hours but then the home button stops working and then the touch would randomly have ghost touch

I have had this problem for a while and I have applied every solution I have read like covering the touch and home button and being careful while closing the iPad to not bend the touch flex.

Could it be that all my digitizers are faulty? I just find it very weird that it works perfectly and then suddenly stops working almost completely. Today I changed again the digitizer and home button but still no luck, the home button barely works and while the touch works good, it sometimes has random touch.

Thanks in advance and keep it up with the great work, this page is amazing.

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