Only 1 port HDMI working - nothing else

I have a Samsung in NZ its the ( UA60H6300AS-XRD ) 2014 MODEL - H SERIES. . When i start the TV the LED light near the IR keeps blinking like 3 times in red and takes around 5 secs for the TV to start, then it boots with the SMART TV logo. then the screen comes out blank / black and the TV doesn't respond to the remote buttons, only the ON/OFF works. Turning it off might take 3-5 seconds too. And the LED IR light always red, never saw it green?. If i click any of the remote buttons, then the TV won't respond at all. I disconnected everything from the back but still the same.

I tried to connect my laptop to the HDMI and i was surprised the it connected fine and the screen looks fantastic, with good resolution. NO Audio though . I connected the digital audio through my home theater and then i was able to hear the audio perfectly. But the audio on TV wasn't not working.

I switched off the TV while my laptop still on, then switched on back with the remote. It started and went thru straight to the HDMI source ( mylaptop). I tried to use different HDMI ports like 2 / 3/ 4 but none worked, also the 3 USB's all aren't working. No smart hub , cannot access the menu or anything. Its only HDMI 1 port working with no problems at all. All what i can do on the remote is on/off, nothing else.

I opened the TV and noticed that the T-con board BN CODE: BN41-02132A has 3 tiny LED blue lights and looked fine - nothing burnt of unusual . I disconnect all cables and connected them again to make sure no corrosion or dust stuck. I did all this for all cables. Still didn't work . The TV is very clean from inside and no dust and clean.

I checked the main board MODEL: BN41-02156 and not sure if everything is working or not, also disconnected the cables and connected them again and all looks good, no rust or dust or corrosion , i connected all again and the same thing, only was able to connect to the HDMI 1 port through my laptop nothing else.

I am not sure what is the problem, is it the Tcon or the main board that i need to replace ? I am sure the power supply board still ok because the TV works perfectly on HDMI 1 port and the display is just marvelous.

Will really appreciate your advice, i don't want to buy the main board and the Tcon board. What do you recommend ? Also found online similar main boards with model MODEL: BN41-02156 but the problem is that the listing mention that they are for different TVs ? Do you think that this can be used on my TV ? It looks exactly the same with same ports ...etc. But the sellers say is for another TV model. Thank you :). I don't want to replace any parts on the Tcon or the main board, i would prefer to replace them

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